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    Request advice to start as a new member

    Techulator, Posting Guidelines

    As a new member I am in need of direction as to what to do first to stay within guidelines as well as follow the right sequence of steps , any feedback will be much appreciated. sincerely, mark mallord
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    Well, welcome to Techulator, the most trusted revenue sharing website. I do look forward to a great contribution from you.
    As a start off, I will advice you to begin with ASK EXPERTS section. Go through the questions asked and offer relevant responses. It will help you gain a better writing skill and confidence in addition to some cash credits.
    Stay in constant touch with fellow members here on the forum. That will help you understand the general environment of the site and also get to know the fellow members.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    A warm welcome to our site! The best way to start you contributions is to understand which are the various sections and how submissions are made. This you can do by spending a day or two checking out how other members have contributed. Familiarize yourself with our guidelines through the Help section. If you are confused in any way, do post a query in the forum and we will guide you. Do not consider any query too silly to ask. It is better to ask & be guided properly rather than wasting time & effort to post something in an incorrect manner and get it deleted.

    The most marvellous aspect of this site are the bumper awards and rewards in addition to great cash credits for your contributions! Check it out: Ongoing Awards and Rewards.

    Have a nice rewarding time at Techulator!


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    Firstly, warm welcome Mark Mallord to this site.

    As you are a new member of this site, I suggest you to go through the content posting guidelines on this site. Techulator is a technology portal, therefore you should post tech based content like software reviews, games reviews, gadget reviews and mobile phones etc. You can earn good amount of money while posting content here. But make sure that your articles are self written and not copied from somewhere else.

    You can ask questions and post answers in the Ask Experts section to earn some money. While forum section excellent for discussions. You can also earn money from Google Adsense. If you have an approved Adsense account, then integrate it with techulator. You will get paid by Google itself.

    Meanwhile, you can check out the help section of this site. So that, you can learn some basic things regarding this site.

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    #21212 Dear Mark Mallord, that is 'Shift' button. :p

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    Muddassir, that is an innovative way to ask not to use all Caps.
    @Mark, do not ever use all capitals in any of your content anywhere - not only on Techulator. It amounts to shouting.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thank you all for your help and guidance, many years ago I took a law enforcement class and the instructor had us write all reports in capitals and print, I will be careful not to do this in the future. Many thanks, Mark Mallord

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    Warm welcome mark mallord to join this great website. Thanks for joining this online Techulator family. Firstly you need to spend at least one hour everyday to be familiar with this website to know how other members are contributing to the site. If you are interested to contribute quality articles then I would like to highlight the Technology (article) section to start with and if you wants to help other members of TEC with providing valuable response then I would like to highlight the Ask Expert section to go with. But make sure to post valuable content with good quality and also make sure not to reproduce content from other websites as it is strictly not allowed on Techulator. And if you wants to ask anything regarding this website then you must ask that in the Forum section which is made to solve the problems, to make members familiar to TEC and also to announce contest and rewards. I hope you will contribute more and more here as it somehow increase your knowledge, it will improve your English, it will make aware of your mistakes and many more. So start contributing in bulk as editors are surely waiting to check your contribution so as to reward you with cash credit and points. And must make sure to spend at least an hour a day on TEC to be more familiar. And you must go through the links given by other members in the above responses to know more about this awesome website.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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