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    Nothing for me in AE section to prove my self expert

    Ask Expert questions in Techulator

    This is not a complain.

    From last few days I have not posted answer in AE section. There is no new queries posted by any members in AE section. When I search in AE section I only see question posted by me. I can't answer my queries. I request all TEC member to please remain active in AE section also as you remain active in other section of TEC like Resources and Forum.

    Thanks in advance for remaining active in AE section.
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    I would advice you stay away from posting questions after questions. It could so happen that some other member had the queries as you have. But since you have already have posted the question, he can't ask it again. And neither you can respond to it.
    Don't worry- By continuously posting questions, you are helping others to prove their expertise. You can take pride in yourself as being an expert in asking questions. Which is not bad.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    There are not many active members at our site and most of them prefer answering queries rather than posting them. Same with the forum and articles section - everyone has their own niche where they would prefer to contribute.


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    Ok Vandana I got your point.

    But is it good for me to post question in AE section. I know from last few days I am posting too many question in AE section. I am posting question to attract others to post answers in AE and take more interest in AE. Is there any drawback in ranking, points if i post too many queries in AE section. Am I violating any rules of TEC

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    Not exactly, Mukhtar. As Vandana stated in the above response, every member has a niche area of contribution. As such, some of them are interested in answering the AE questions than actually posting the questions. There is nothing wrong in posting too many questions. I would suggest you not to post questions which you know the answers of. Because, you will not be able to answer your own queries.
    Don't worry, you are not violating any rules on TEC by posting questions.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Please see my response to your other thread. I have indicated there that it would be good for members to answer lots of questions more than posting them. The focus should be on adding content to every page and if a lot of questions go unanswered, the page looks empty.

    So by all means ask questions, but do not go overboard and concentrate only on posting questions. You could perhaps restrict the number of questions you ask in a week and attempt to answer more than the number you post in that week. That would be a great balance.


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