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    Regarding forum responses

    Forum awards on #Techulator

    I have seen that there is an award given for forum superstars. I have also seen members getting cash credits for writing in the forum section. I too have participated in many forum discussions but I never received any cash credit for them.

    This is just to clear up my doubts regarding this issue, so that I can be more informed and well versed about the norms of the site. Hope friends here would help me out.
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    Super stars award for the forum section is announced on the similar lines as in the other two Super Contributor Awards - Articles and AE section. Members are awarded first, second and third positions based on the points gained in the section during the month. You need to have a minimum 100 points
    As for your the cc for forum posts, as a rule - there are no cc for every forum post/response. Only some exemplary contributions are rewarded. Yes, TEC used to give cc to almost all forum posts, but it has been discontinued now.
    As for your not receiving any cc for forum responses, you might have noticed that I am very much active in the section. Even then, I have received cc for only one forum post. Don't worry - you have been doing excellent in your forte - the resources section. Keep contributing and keeping us informed.

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    Not all those whose names are displayed as Super Stars get awards. There are certain criteria, as mentioned in the above response, for being eligible for the Super Contributor award for a particular section. For more details refer: Super Contributor Awards.

    You can also update yourself on the list of rewards & awards offered to members here: Ongoing Awards & Rewards in Techulator


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    Thank you Timmappa for explaining things which I wasn't clear about. Now there's no issues.

    Vandana Ma'am, it was only the norms that I was curious about, not the rewards in itself, to be in particular.

    However, I got the answer and thanks once again to both of you for helping me out.

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    Yes, in past techulator used to give cash credits for forum threads and responses. I think, it was an approach to attract members to contribute more in techulator. But somehow it has been stopped. Now, it is very rare to get cash credits for forum posts and responses. Just like Timmappa got in the above response - #21177.

    However, there is a Super Contributor award for the forum section just like article section and Ask Experts section. In this reward program, top 3 members (as per their total points) in forum are rewarded by techulator admin every month. The member at first position gets 250 Rupees, the member at second position gets 200 Rupees and the member at third position gets 150 Rupees. Each member must earn atleast 100 points to be eligible for this reward in the whole month period.

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    Thank you Mudassir for letting me know more about it. Now I am clear of my doubts and have come to know better about Techulator.

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    As per far my experience on Techulator, I have found that the forum responses or messages are rewarded with cash credit when they help any member on Techulator. Even recently I have been rewarded cash credit in my Forum message. You can also check that from the link given below:-


    So the only way I had experienced yet to provided with cash credit in forum responses or forum message is to help someone on TEC with your valuable response or message. Like in above link I have found a duplicate question which was approved by the Ask Expert section editor which is not relevant as they both question are asking the same which will then have the same responses. So by this I somehow help the editors of AE section to delete one of the thread so I was rewarded with cash credit in my Forum message.


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    Thanks Aman that was really helpful. But in that context, I was just wondering about these things.
    Firstly, what if someone starts a relevant thread which indirectly help other members in knowing the rules better. Secondly, what if more than one person come out with the same solution with a different set of expressions?

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    Forum responses are not necessarily given cash credits for each of the comments that have helped others. Had that been the case, we would have found cc flowing thru the forum section. Only a few exceptionally great answers/responses are given cash credits.
    As for your query of whether cc is given to the thread to help members understand rules, well, I have to let you know that thread needs to be of some exceptional quality.
    Yes, if you keep contributing I a positive way to the section , you can end up among the top three contributors for the month- you will be able to win Super Contributor Award for the section.
    Hope everything is clear now.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes friends, I don't have any more doubts regarding this issue. I request the editors to close this thread, As all the answers were equally useful, it is hard for me to choose the best one.
    Thanks to all once again.

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