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    Crappy Spam Box - feeling blessed!

    Spam message in Mailbox

    Yesterday, I thought to check out my Gmails' spam box. So, I did.

    To my surprise, I have won a lottery of 1 million US dollars (when did I participated in it?).
    Dr. Mohamed sellam (Manager Audit & Accounts dept. in the African Development Bank) wants to deposit Fifteen Million US dollars into my bank account (BTW who is he?).
    Human Development Bank wants to give me a loan of 5000 Euros at 0% interest (wow).
    And few girls want me for a date (it seems to be interesting).

    That is why I am feeling blessed. ):}
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    Ha Ha Ha..!!
    I get a plethora of such mails in my inbox. At times, I get so angry that I shoot an insulting mail back to them.
    By the way, is there any way to forward such mails to cyber crime cell?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Don't know about it. Gmail automatically moves these type of emails to spam box. So, just ignore them.

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    Just avoid this type of mail. I have got this type of first mail from fake Microsoft. They claim that I have won 10 million Pounds. They inform me to send my details. I send all the details. After that they demand 40000 INR as transfer fee. And I say them bye-bye.This are fraud mails which we get in past.

    But presently we get such fraud SMS, Calls, Whatsapp Message, etc. Many people have loose their money in this. So please aware your friends and other about such SMS, Calls, Whatsapp Message, etc.

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    Sending your bank details to them could also lead to serious consequences. It is better to just ignore them. They are a gang of scamsters and they may indulge in hacking if they track your card or bank details.
    If you are really fuming with anger, just shoot a reply mail to them - making as much use of expletives as you please. They won't complain to any authorities. That's exactly what I do when I get such mails.
    By the way, have you seen the quality of English used in such mails? It is so pathetic!

    Live....and Let Live!

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    These scammers use the names of big brands like Microsoft, Paypal etc. so that, one can easily trust them.

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    I am surprised that anybody would even bother to (a) open a spam email and (b) reply to the spam email.

    Why bother? You should be aware that sometimes a spam email may have a link in it which could create a virus on your computing device when clicked on - something which is a possibility even unintentionally when moving your mouse. So be careful!

    Also, why would you want to stoop to such a low level as to send expletive-laden replies back? Why get angry in the first place? Why not just select the delete all box and delete all spam at one go? It is absurd to get all hot and bothered about such silly things and waste your time & effort on replying back.


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    I have to check my spam folder every now and then. That's because a few of my genuine mails have ended up in the spam folder before. I just go through the list, mark those types as not spam. For other mails in the spam folder, I just choose "Select All" and delete.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, Timmappa is right. Few days back, I submitted one of my blog in BlogAdda directory. And I was waiting for the approval message. Then I after few days, I checked my spam folder and the email was there.

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    My response was to your statement "If you are really fuming with anger, just shoot a reply mail to them - making as much use of expletives as you please. They won't complain to any authorities. That's exactly what I do when I get such mails".

    Now you are saying that you do select all the spammy ones and delete them! In effect, you are contradicting your earlier statement about replying to them with expletives.

    By all means check the spam box to see if any known person's email got dumped there, but ignore others & don't even bother opening them is the advice I am giving.


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    One more thing, I am not the only person in the WORLD who checks spam folder. Everyone with an email account checks it. Don't you?

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    Yeah Sure - I check my spam folder at least once a week. I open the mail if it appears to be from some reliable source. Then, if the mail is of no interest to me, I make it a point to click on unsubscribe link.
    And as for the comment by Vandana, I don't always shoot a return mail to them. I do that only if I get repeated mails do I reply to them. And I don't mean the exact expletives that are unprintable. I just try insulting them just to make sure (hopefully) that they won't send me the mails again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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