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    Need information regarding rejected Articles

    Rejection on #Techulator

    I have some question regarding rejected articles by Techulator.

    As some of my Resources are rejected by Techulator. I want to to can i post it on my website after making changes in it. I have rejected articles with instruction that I can not republish this articles on Techulator again. So can I post it on my website.

    If I post rejected articles with changes on my website do I violate TEC rules. ?

    Is there any option to delete Rejected Resources ?

    Can I use images of My article hosted on Techulator.

    Please guide me.
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    1. You cannot delete anything, whether approved or pending or rejected once you submit a post here. Deleted posts will eventually get completely removed from the site when the Webmasters do their routine clean-up process.

    2. If your article got rejected here, you are free to post it at your website.

    3. You cannot post images at your website if they have been submitted here unless those are rejected images.


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    Rejected articles you can post on your website even without making any changes. Even the images inside a rejected article are completely yours to use unless used anywhere else on TEC.

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    Ok thanks for clearing my doubts.

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