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    Now new editors are behind us : Be careful

    I have submitted answer to this post in AE section:
    Question: How to update Sony Xperia C smart phone with Lollipop Android OS?

    My answer to this post is as per below:
    You have option to update your Sony Xperia C with latest Android OS update 5.0 Lollipop. You can update your handset by using custom ROM.

    Steps to update your Sony Xperia C with latest Android OS update 5.0 Lollipop
    Download 5.0 Lollipop ROM from link below.
    After downloading and extract all 3 parts in same folder on your device.

    Now you need one more app to be downloaded on your Sony Xperia C from known as Download ROM Manager from Google Play. Now connect your device to PC with USB and transfer ROM folder to PC. Now switch off your device and start it again in recovery mode with ROM Manager you have downloaded from Play Store. Now go to ROM Manager and select backup/restore. This will back up and save all your data.

    Now from Recovery Menu erase complete data from your device. Now go back to come again to Recovery Principal Menu and select Flash ROM from SD Card. Search for file and follow instruction step by step. After successful following and completing steps restart your device and that's it. You have now Android latest OS 5.0 Lollipop on your Sony Xperia C

    Please note that rooting device with custom ROM will void your handset warranty. There are also chance that handset software got damaged. So please do it at your own risk.

    Mr. Editor has rejected this answer two times saying that there is risk in this method so mention about the risk factor. I have done that also in last two lines. Then he said to do it from Scratch and I told him to delete the answer and within a second the response has been deleted.

    Thanks Editors
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    When you refer to such posts, please remember to share URL of such posts. It will help us to locate the post and look into the details.

    I located your post anyway and let me give my comments.

    Our editors are not expected to delete/reject an answer just because a suggested answer involve certain risks. It is up to the users/readers to weigh the risks and apply the suggestions judiciously.

    From the edit history, I think the editor moved the answer to "Pending" task with some suggestions. However, you went ahead and changed the answer to "Delete this", which made the editor delete the answer. Please let me know if this is not the case.

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    But i have made changes as editor informed. I have no idea what the editor want from scratch. I have mentioned the risk factors in two last two lines as you see in this post.

    What user has asked in his query :
    I want to update my Sony Xperia C android smart phone with Lollipop Android OS. I need to know if this product can be updated in Lollipop Android operating system.

    Please see the second line of query :
    "I need to know if this product can be updated in Lollipop Android operating system. "

    It means the person who is posting this query already know that there in no official update available. So i have answer about the custom ROM.

    But I cannot explain this to editor who have put my response in Pending Status two times in one minute. I can not post in all this in AE response to the the Editor. So I write in response to delete that post.

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    Let me inform all concerned that once some content is posted on the website, it becomes the property of the website. Only the team can delete the content.
    In connection with the response under question, the process needs rooting and it should have been mentioned before further details. The rooting is entirely different from flashing a custom ROM. Rooting is gaining super user permission to the Android ecosystem to bypass manufacturer restrictions. Once you root the device - which is a different process altogether - you can flash any custom ROM.
    Anyways, the member should not have removed the content and replaced it with "delete this " . Who knows- the response would have got approved in a couple of days.
    I hope this clears the misunderstandings.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I knew it that you will come with some suggestion Mr. Timmuppa . But I think your suggestion is not satisfying. New Editors must also see the question of the the person. What he exactly want.

    Ok no need to worry this will not stop us to take top position in Todays, Last 7 Days and yes Last 30 days.

    Thanks again you have done your job and if you are new at your job and learning new things there are some mistakes acceptable.

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    It is not the question of whether I am doing my job right or not. As As an editor, I would perform my duties as I should. I would advice you to improve your quality of writing. From what you have been stating over a few of your recent forum posts, it appears as if you are only trying to garner 100 points in a day. I would humbly suggest you to kindly pay attention to the quality of your content rather than only on the points.
    Please be assured that no one here is trying to stop you from attaining the toppers position for the day, week or a month. We, in fact, will always encourage the active members. But, pay an equal attention to the quality as well. I would advise you to kindly understand the topic and the subject before posting it in your contents.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Continue your contribution with a focus on quality. You are a valuable member of TEC. Let's move forward instead of wasting our time on this issue.

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