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    Isn't it a partiality ?

    I have a query regarding this Ask Experts question - Best flip covers for Moto E .

    In the above question, questioner had asked to mention flip covers for Moto E. I, Timmappa and Mukhtar answered the question directly without elongating our answers.

    But just look at the fourth answer. The answer is not related to the question in any way. But still given more points and cash credits. Moreover, he/she has added affiliate links in the answer. According to this and this thread , it is not allowed to do so.

    For example;

    Firstly, if it is a normal account, then he/she cannot use affiliate links in any way beside contest entries.

    Secondaly, if it is a special account, then the answer should not be given any cash credit. What the AE editors are doing here? I think they were more interested in the elongated content and affiliate links of the answer than the genuine answers of other members.

    Isn't it a partiality?

    One more thing, this is not the only AE answer, there are many more answers like it. I can list them, if anyone wants.
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    I have observed such kind of elongated answers before and have always been vocal about the mistakes. Maybe the editor who reviewed the response was loaded with heavy work.
    Even I can list out such discrepancies, but have begun pointing it out to the editors or Tony Sir via Private Messages.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thank you for bringing up your concerns.

    I looked at the records. That particular account is approved by us for using affiliate links. However, such information is not available to editors. During editing process, editors will give cash credits as usual. What happens at the end is, no payment will be issued to that member account even after it reaches the payout level. That is a limitation of our system.

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    Oh, So that is the catch. Well, thanks for the clarification.

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