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    Is it allowed to use affiliate links in AE section?

    Here, I am referring to this thread - Now you can use your affiliate links in Techulator .

    Accoding to that thread, I can use my affiliate links on my articles in techulator, but with a seperate account. Moreover, I will not get any cash credit for such articles from techulator. Ok.

    So now, I want to know;

    Is it allowed to use my affiliate links on my Ask Experts responses with this separate affiliate account?

    If yes, then, will I get cash credit for such AE responses?

    It would be great, if Tony sir himself answer this question.
    Eagerly waiting for the reply!
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    I do not think they are allowed. Had they been allowed, there would not have been a special mention about them in contest announcements.
    Anyhow, me too waiting for what Tony Sir has to say about this..

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Affiliate links are allowed only from special accounts. Those special accounts are not eligible for any sort of cash payments from us.

    For normal accounts, we sometimes allow affiliate links for resources as part of certain contests. Affiliate links are not allowed by normal accounts in any other cases.

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    Thank you Tony sir for your detailed reply to this question.

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