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    Creating table for phone specification in AE

    We see daily at least one question about smartphone specs in AE. I like to know that is table allowed in AE, where we can put the specification of smartphone. As I have read Tony has informed to avoid unwanted HTML tags in AE section. So HTML for creating table will be allowed or not.
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    It has been clearly stated that HTML tags are not allowed in AE se tion.. We, most of the members still use a few tags to differentiate between the points. I, for one, use bold tag for highlighting the points. In fact, Vandana has stated that even the bold tags are not allowed. I have stopped using the h2 tags in AE section after the guidelines were posted by Tony sir.
    So at the end of of the day, you are not allowed to use table in AE section.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I don't think, it is a good idea to allow table HTML tag in Ask Experts or in any other section of techulator.

    Here is how;

    For example; there is a question about the specs and features of xyz smartphone. Now, if a member posts an answer using table tag, and after some time another member posts an answer, again using the table tag, then what will be the difference between the two answers?

    Moreover, this will also impact user experience negatively. And I am sure Google will not bother to rank that page on the 100th position of search results. :p

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    Maybe you can create a table on your PC in a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet and then take a snap shot of it as an image with the Snip tool. Then you could submit it as an attachment to your answer. I will ask the Webmasters if this is permissible.

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    As per the guidelines with regard to The use of HTML tags in AE section, webmasters have stated that only bold and underline tags are allowed - only when absolutely needed and with a limit. Heading tags are not allowed at all. Image files are also discouraged.
    However, you can put in a query with respect to a particular question here on the forum. We can discuss it with the webmasters and take decisions on case basis. As a general guideline, they are not encouraged.
    If you think, your response does not seem complete without the table tag, you can write an article on the subject with additional information included and give a link in your response to the question concerned. That will, in fact, be more rewarding for you.

    Live....and Let Live!

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