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    A few awards still not announced

    A few awards have not been announced for the month of March. Member of the month award is still pending for announcement. It is already half month gone and we are still waiting for the same.
    Same goes for the member of the week award for the last two weeks. Also there is no sign of the Super contributor award from the Article section.
    I am not complaining, but have been enquiring because this kind of delay has never been observed in TEC before.
    Hope no one minds my seemingly inappropriate query.
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    I am also thinking the same thing. Infact, I was about to rise a thread regarding this issue. I have never seen such a long delay in techulator or any other sister site before.
    By the way, there is no need to worry, I am sure you, will be the Member of the Month of March.

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    Thanks for your good wishes, Muddassir - but it is not about who will be the winner, I am missing the fast paced action of the site. Review of the article and ask experts section could be understood. But lack of announcement of awards is what makes me go a bit disturbed.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes we know Mr. Timmappa Kamat that are eager to know that who is MOM. I have no idea who will become the MOM. I am sure I am not. Because I am not much active in march last week. But I hope I will try to become Member of the Month for April. And I also hope that I don't get illness like last month i got and not remain active in March.

    Best of Luck for MOM for March.

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    Mukhtar, why don't you post a relevant response to a thread? Are we asking how you would like to perform this month? The thread is about delay in announcement of a few awards. If you have any useful inputs in this regard, you are welcome to comment. Why do you think you should come up with such invalid responses?
    I remember many of your responses have been deleted here citing them as "invalid".

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Awarding to members in Tech never delays unless there is a genuine reason. This time the reason is couple of editors who used to review the articles have their study/exam thus getting delayed in Article section. Once they are cleared, then MOM, MOW and Super contributor for Article section will be announced without any delay further.

    I hope Webmaster already informed it to concern and they would be back soon to deal them. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


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    Being someone engaged in a job, maybe it did not cross my mind that most of the editors here are students. I can understand that this being the exam period, they could be busy with their own studies.
    Well, let us wait for a few days.

    Live....and Let Live!

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