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    Am I blocked from posting in Ask Experts ?

    When I submit response in AE section I got below mention page

    Resticted Access

    You have reached here for one of the following reasons:

    "You have several posts pending review by editors. Please wait few days until our editors review your posts.This is an automatic temporary restriction applicable only in this section. Your rights will be automatically restored after editors complete review of your new posts."

    I am not complaining about answer not reviewed but i just want to know that am i restricted from posting or it is just a temporary restriction due to answers not reviewed.
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    My apologies for the inconvenience. This is due to a restriction in our system. When we have too many posts pending to be reviewed, our system automatically restricts members from posting more posts. We will soon clear our backlog and you should be able to add more content shortly.

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    Thanks a lot for the response and clearing my doubts about restriction.

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    I was expecting this to happen. With so many Ask Experts responses pending for getting reviewed, the most active members in the section are bound to face this kind of restriction. That's why I have been repeatedly asking for clearing up the backlog of pending responsres.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Infact, I am also facing the same issue, i have completed answer of this question - But now I am unable to post my answer. It is saying restricted access. I request webmasters to review the pending posts in Ask Experts section as soon as possible.

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    Well, I have a question. Do this restriction stay for 5 days as in the case of the restrictions that are imposed on in case for more than 5 deletions in 5 days? I guess not. It should not be like that. It should be gone the moment your content is reviewed.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I restriction is gone for me. Now I can post answers in the Ask Experts section.

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    Good to see the Ask experts section backlog has been cleared now. That should relieve some of our members from their frustration- including me! Seems like only a days backlog has been left as of now.
    However, clearing off the backlog in such a hurry has its own disadvantages. Since the editors are in a hurry to complete the task, they may end up missing some important points and thus may reward the responses improperly. There may be some responses that deserve more, but rewarded less, or there may be some that may have been rewarded more when in actuality, they did not deserve it. It happens because of the workload on the editors.

    Live....and Let Live!

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