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    Which was the first mobile phone you used ?

    Everyone like to have latest possible mobile phone or smarphone. But the place of the first mobile phone in a person's heart is unchangeable. No one can forget his/her first mobile phone.

    I still remember the first mobile I used. It was Nokia 3310. It was bought by my mom. I forget the exact date but it was somewhere between 2004 or 2005. It didn't had so many fancy features like present smartphones but it was a luxury mobile at that time. It had amazing battery life. We used to charge it just once in a week. It had some very enjoyable game. I used to play Snake and Space Impact in it most of the time. It had a MS Paint like app to make animated pictures. It was due to 3310, that I am a huge fan of Nokia. Since then, I have used many Nokia branded mobile phones and I am still using a mobile from Nokia namely Nokia C3.

    Please share which was the first mobile phone you used and how much do you like it.
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    Well, thanks for coming up with a great topic. As you rightly stated, the first ever mobile phone is bound to be a special thing in your life and we all cherish it.
    My first mobile was a Nokia 3315. I remember I had asked my sister in law to get it from Mumbai. It was a simple device compared to the ones today and yet it cost Rs.3500 back then. It was a black and white device & had the basic functionality of voice voice call and SMS. There was a basic calculator, a simple drawing tool and a few games. I used to play the game named "bantumi". One more sweet memory about the phone is how I used to collect a large set of ringing in the form of notations. Even the Internet had a biggest collection of such ring tones, but no way to use your phone to access Internet.
    The talk the of the phone was just excellent. Once you charged the device, it used to give at least one week's total charge cycle.
    Later on, I switched to Sagem MY-X-3-2 with the Internet connectivity and color display in 2004.
    Using Samsung Galaxy S3 right now, I still remember the first device though it is well understood that it would not have served our current requirements- still it's one of the cherished memories.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I used Sony Ericsson K10 (or something like that), actually I don't remember its exact series but it was either K10 or k10i. Although, it didn't came with any extraordinary features but I recall it had VGA camera and an Infrared port. The phone was sturdy and very hard as if I was holding a brick in my hand. And I used to play HoneyComb in it. And Yes, I also accidentally found a hack in the game with which I could stretch my life bar to infinity.

    After a long time, I bought my first personal smartphone (somewhere in December 2010) - Samsung Galaxy Y, which cost me around Rs. 7k at that time. I was really amazed to see a wide list of features which it provided me. I also got 4 back covers for my Samsung Galaxy Y for free.

    Currently, I own Micromax Yureka and I am quite happy with my choice. I have figured out several pros and loose ends in this device, so if you want to know anything about this smartphone (rooting, heating issues, etc), just PM me and I will always be there for you.

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    I used Reliance Samsung CDMA phone. It was my first mobile which I myself brought in Mumbai. It was offer buy 1 get one free by Reliance. I and one of my friend Amin Ansari both have purchased that phone by sharing 250 Rs each. It was a great experience having phone in that time. I used to work with reliance at that time. Reliance Infostream Navi Mumbai Vashi. It was silver color phone with little grey color antenna on it and blue display. I remember i always used to play flying game on that mobile and yes Rworld was free so always looking for something new on that phone.

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    Thank you Timmappa, Prashant and Mukhtar for sharing your experience.

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