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    Do you accept other articles besides technology.

    Hi, I want to know that did you accept articles on other topics besides topics given in Technology tab? Actually I am a writer but in my previous experience of writing I had not written on these topics. Another topic I want to know that an article should have how many words? Thanks,
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    Sumera Gul,
    First of all, warm welcome to techulator.
    Now coming to you main question, techulator is a technology portal and posting an article which is not related to tech is not recommended here. For example, you cannot post stories and poems here. If you do so, then resource editors will reject your article in first sight. It would be better, if you reveal, on which topic do you write articles ?
    I suggest you to check out which is a sister site of techulator. There you can post articles on most topics like stories and current affairs. But make sure, your articles are not copied from anywhere else. You should post your articles written completely by yourself.

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    A hearty and warm welcome to Techulator which we fondly address as TEC. So, congrats on becoming a TECian.
    Now, about your question on the genre of topics that are accepted on TEC, let me inform you that as the name itself indicates, this is a technology website. We are expected to write articles on topics related to computers, smartphones and such tech based content. General kind of writings are not allowed here.
    Please check THIS LINK wherein you can get an idea of the acceptable topics.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congrats Sumera gul for becoming member of Techulator family. You are most welcome to this family. As you stated in your status "i have started my career in this platform. i hope i will do my best." I wish you best for starting your career in this platform. I wish you get great success in this field.

    You can only post original written articles on Advertising, Automobiles, Books & Book Reviews, Business, Computers & Smart Devices, Electronics, Finance, Gadgets, Game Reviews,Home Appliances, Internet & Web etc and the sub categories coming under this various topics. If you are expert in any other field besides coming in you can try

    Once again Thanks and heartly welcome to this family.

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    We do allow articles which are not necessarily directly related to a gadget, such as articles on finance, advertising, business and books.

    As for your query on how many words an article should have it is recommended that you submit with a minimum of 500 words up to a maximum of 1500 words. We allow smaller articles in some exceptional cases, but then too it should be at least 400 words. Similarly, if your article is over lengthy and exceeds 1500 words, it would be advisable to split it and submit it as 2 articles.

    Some more guidelines to keep in mind:
    1. Providing internal links to other pages in this site would be good, but links to other sites are not allowed.

    2. All content should be in your own words and style of writing.

    3. You can use basic html tags for headings and sub-headings and bold tags to highlight keywords (but these only once or twice in your article).

    Overall, your article must be properly organized in paragraphs and good sentence formation, with no spelling and grammar errors. You can even put in images from official sites but only if required (such as for a mobile phone) and mention source of image too.

    Try to write on unique topics and not on the same types which appear at multiple other sites.


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    Vandana ma'am,

    In the above response, you say that, "Providing internal links to other pages in this site would be good, but no links to other sites are not allowed." (from the first point of posting guidelines).

    Is it really allowed to link to the external articles? Or not.
    Waiting for your reply.

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    That must be a typo error, Muddassir. As one of the senior members of the site and an acclaimed contributor yourself , you should know that no links from external sources is allowed.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks Muddassir for pointing it out. It was indeed an error on my part. I have corrected it now.

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