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    Which is best to write for? Personal blog or Revenue share website?

    As you are member of this website, have you ever wonder, which is best to write for? Personal blog or Revenue share website? Share your views in terms of advantages and disadvantages for each.
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    It's a typical question to answer because some may feel that they can earn better by running a personal blog and the others may not be able to afford it. I don't like calling it a personal blog when it is serving advertisements. So, let it be just a blog. However, from a blogger perspective, it is always a good idea to have own blog. Not only, the freedom to write topics of our own choice but also one can have a complete control over his actions and content. But there is a downside.

    It's not that easy for everyone to maintain a blog and take it to the top level in SERPs. Only a well trained and knowledgeable SEO expert can do it. Or at least he needs more experience may be an year, two or even more. So, in that case it's better to hire some experts or just write for revenue sharing websites and earn from them.

    Both has their own advantages and disadvantages so, a clever step into the future is all it takes. What do you say?

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    If you are confident enough about your new blog taking off to the greater heights, then one can safely say it would be more profitable to maintain your own blog. But, it is not as easy as it seems. Getting traffic to your blog involves integrating several SEO techniques. Even if you are an expert in the field of SEO , it may take a couple of months to get adequate traffic to at least maintain the blog.
    But yes, you can write on what interests you. There would be no obligation on the topics. It would be completely your choice.
    As far as my intuition goes, it is better to write for revenue sharing websites rather than planning a own blog.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    This is a very interesting question. In my opinion, writing for a personal blog is always a better option than writing for a revenue sharing sites.

    On revenue sharing sites, we don't have full control of our content. I don't find any legit revenue sharing site besides techulator, ISC and Hubpages.

    Most people think, it is a very tough task to rank a personal blog and only SEO experts can do it. This is the biggest myth. Yes, little SEO knowledge is required but if you are writing high quality resources, then you do not need to be an SEO experts. Just post good quality resources and make connections with popular bloggers in your niche by commenting on their posts regularly and through social media sites. They will surely notice you and will give backlinks to your blog automatically. Then your blog will definitely rank higher in SERPs.

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    From my 3 years of blogging experience, I must say a quality blog is far better than working for some revenue sharing sites. And what Muddasir says is 100% correct. With latest Google updates, You don't need to be a SEO expert to rank your blog.

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    Making better use of this thread, can the experts here guide us novices in the field of blogging on how to start a blog? I am inclined towards starting a blog. Any tips on how should we start ? Is it okay to start with a free blogging service? As per my knowledge, you cannot place ads on a free blog. Is that correct?
    I will be glad if any one comes up with blogging tips for the beginners along with the details on how to start a blog. Links to any such articles would be the best one to get.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    You can easily start a blog on Blogger for free. There is no limitation of placing ads on Blogger blog. You can place any type of ads as well as recommend affiliate products. For more professional look, you can setup a custom domain name for your blog at any time. It will cost you only 100 rupees for first year.
    If you want a blog, then you have to buy both web hosting and domain name.
    I suggest you to start a Blogger blog. Blogger blogs are recommended for new bloggers. You can use this blog to get a Google Adsense account. Then you can integrate this Adsense account with techulator and ISC to increase your earnings.

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    Thanks for those tips , Muddassir. I was also thinking of starting a blog on blog on blogger. But hesitating because I was not sure of being able to place ads or affiliate links on such blogs. Also I used to be an impression that I will not be able to apply for AdSense account for such blogger blog.
    Thanks a lot for letting me know about the possibilities of starting blog and monetising it. Let me think of a better topic and decide on the exact nature of my blog.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    By the way, I have started a new blog. But still to properly develop it. Being somebody on a 9 to 5 job, I find it it little tedious and tiring to work on these things after returning home.
    Well, as they say- Well Begun is Half Done- Let me hope my baby steps in the blogging world will bring some fruits.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have found some interesting links related to this thread which may help you to gain more knowledge on this subject:

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    I am blogging from last couple of years but not get enough traffic despite of many efforts i made. I try using techulator and come to know where I am making mistakes. Now I am learning and coming over my mistakes. So it is good to write for personal blogs but it is also good to give enough time on Revenue sharing websites also.

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    I am coming into this discussion a bit late. I feel that starting a blog of your own can help you work on your writing skills. At a revenue sharing site, there are bound to be strict rules about English skills and quality text, whereas at your own blog you can put in some basic English. Of course, you do need to put in quality content at your blog too if you want to earn from it. After all, nobody is going to bother visiting your blog if you put poor quality English with lot of spelling & grammar errors, not to mention no great information.

    On the other hand, an established revenue sharing site is more likely help you acquire work-at-home earnings quicker than from even a well-developed blog. Who would not love getting high earnings?!


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    Today there are innumerable blogs and web pages raised by people sharing their knowledge and expertise with others. Now in this crowd, it becomes really difficult to attract a handsome traffic.

    The option of joining a revenue sharing site comes as a handy in such situations. One can make a place for oneself in such sites by contributing quality contents and rest will be taken care by the site administrators. After some time one can have own assessment also regarding one's contributions and if encouraging go for personal blog elsewhere.

    Knowledge is power.

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