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    Is it safe to access multiple AdSense accounts from same IP address

    I have 2 adsense account with different Payee name/Address. I want to know can i login both adsense account and implement adsense code with same IP address?
    Is it safe?
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    I am sure you are referring to this article - Is it safe to access or apply for Adsense from same IP address . In my opinion as well as according to the article, it is safe to do so.

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    First of all it is very hard to get approved Adsense account. Adsense looks several things before approving your account. So if you have two Adsense account Approved by Adsense it means that you are not a victim of Adsense. Both are in Payee name/Address

    So it is not a violation of Google Adsense. It is 100% safe to operate both the account from same ip address and even on same browser. Because it is possible that you and your father, mother, sister, brother are blogging and working from same computer.

    But you should keep in mind that not both the account ads appear on same page or website together.

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    Isn't it against Google AdSense policies to have more than one AdSense account?

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    Vandana ma'am, It is possible to have more than one Adsense but under certain conditions which are listed on this page -

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