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    Lesser points but Higher ranking

    Today, while checking the ranking of members, I was shocked to see that the member having lesser points than me are ranking higher than me. Since ranking system of techulator is completey dependent on the points, then how it is possible?
    Webmaster, please check the below links and do the righful.

    - Ashley .
    - Akshay .
    - Shreedhara H .
    - Shine .
    - Mridul Sachan .
    - Webmaster .
    - Aman ,
    - Chharugh Konwar .
    - Kevin Rimek .
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    Member ranking is not dependent on points. The membership level is based on the number of points gained. The member ranking completely depends upon the performance and quality of content for the week concerned.
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    Please note that a member with the best performance and most active will be ranked at No.1 and so on. However, it depends on following points-
    1. Total points earned by the member.
    2. Points earned in last 3 months - higher weightage
    3. Points earned in last 30 days- still higher weightage.
    Refer to this link for details.

    Note- Could not edit above post, so creating new one.

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    Timmappa, Have you checked the above links mentioned by me? The members I am referring to, are inactive since many months. I am asking this question to webmaster only. I am already aware of the rules mentioned by you. Please don't come up with vague responses.

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    I am also a little puzzled about how long term inactive members can gain a high ranking. Either there is some part of the ranking system of which we are totally unaware or there is some technical bug due to which those members are maintaining high ranks despite little or no contributions.

    I have brought this thread to the notice of the Webmasters. Please wait for their response.


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    Sorry, Muddassir, I did not notice that they have been inactive for over two years. Except Aman in the list, all others do not deserve to have such high ranking.
    My mistake- sorry.

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    Our ranking system works as mentioned by Timmappa. However, there is a problem that we need to address. The rank recalculation works only if the member log in to the site. All the members mentioned above are inactive and haven't logged in last several months and for that reason, their rank is not being recalculated.

    This is a bug in our system and we need to fix this.

    For now, I have manually recalculated their points and I think that will reset their rank on next Sunday when the ranks are recalculated.

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    This is the first bug I have encountered so far in techulator. By the way, Thank you Tony sir for your reply.

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    Thanks Tony sir for supporting my post. I was not aware of the bug in the system.
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    To deal with this issue, I have implemented a change as described below on a trial basis.

    Member Rank will be reset to 0 for all members who have not logged in last 90 days.

    Also, Member Rank will be assigned only to the members who have earned atleast 100 effective points. Others will have a Member Rank of 0.

    Please let me know your feedback on this change.

    With this new approach, only the active members will get Member Rank and such ranks will be more accurate. Also, the members who do not login to the site will get a member rank only when they login again and recalculate their points.

    Please note that the member rank is recalculated only on every Sundays.

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    Thanks for the changes in the system. This will help in getting accurate member rankings henceforth. Resetting the member rank to zero for members not logging into the site will - in fact- encourage the members to login regularly and be active.
    Hope to see the positive changes this Sunday .

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    Yes this is great change. Thanks to Mudassir to raise this question.

    I am seeing that my rank was 141 and i am seeing this from long time. Now this change will also encourage contributors to raise their ranks.

    Thanks for this implementation.

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    Your ranking has already changed to 54, Mukhtar Bhai. Also I have noticed that my ranking has changed from 11 to 10. I am able to see changes in the rankings of many regular members.
    Good implementation, Tony Sir

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    Yes Tony sir, the new rules seems to be more accurate. Thanks for your efforts.

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