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    How to write a quality ending paragraph in my article

    I am looking for the suggestions for my articles. Most of the time, when I write an article, I do not add a paragraph like "Last Words" or "Conclusion". As you can see in this article on Flash Games of mine, there is no ending paragraph in the article. I have ended the article in an improper manner or a vague way, Or atleaset, I think so.
    I have seen article of other members in techulator, most of them end the article in a proper manner especially Ankit and Mehdi by adding a quality ending paragraph in their articles.
    I too want to add such type of proper ends in my articles. Members please suggest me some tips to do so.
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    You need not necessarily put the word 'conclusion' as an ending heading at the end of an article. You can put ending text without the heading too. For example, you could say, "As you can see, there are plenty of wonderful Flash Games to pique your particular type of interest. Do you have a favourite? Share it with our readers in a comment below, letting us know why you enjoyed it so much."

    Another way to conclude an article is to make a brief summary of what you have presented in the text of your article. In this case, you could put a heading of conclusion with an h4 tag. Under this heading you can put "Mazes, bikes, dolphins and more can make a flash game unique in itself. Every game has got its own level of challenges too to overcome. It should hold your interest enough to make you want to not only overcome the challenges but thirst for more. That is what makes a merely interesting flash game an exciting one don't you think?!"


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    They are really awesome tips. I would wish to thank you a ton for these suggestions. I too find it much difficult to provide a summary and the conclusion to an article. The summary in the beginning, or what we call Synopsis is what attracts a reader to your article. Likewise, if we are not able to conclude what we aim to point out - then it would make the article look like being ended in a vague way.
    Thanks again Vandana for those tips .

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks Vandana ma'am for your quality tips regarding my query. I wil surely follow them.

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    One thing I would like to suggest here is that overall you could keen an informal tone to your article. Technology related articles can be quite boring! Making it interesting to the reader is what makes a good tech writer. Put a light, chatty type of tone here & there in your article. This can make it seem like you are interacting with your readers, which they will surely love.

    As an example, see the examples I gave for concluding the article. If you end it like that, with a hint of a query to the reader ['dont' you think' or 'do you have a favourite'], will entice a reader to respond by leaving a comment to your article. Getting a comment from a reader is one of the best rewards of writing!


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