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    What type of robot would you like to be? Tell us and win prizes!

    Here's a fun creative contest just for TECians! You have seen how technology has advanced so much that now we have robots providing all types of services for both home and commercial fields. What's more, robots have been created in all kinds of shapes and sizes and not restricted to human-like forms. So what if YOU were a robot - what shape/form would you like yourself to be? What type of service would you love to give as a robot?

    Here's what you need to do for this contest:
    1. Imagine yourself to be a robot in a particular shape/form and imagine that your creator has made you into a useful, functional robot that can provide a particular type of service. So mention in text your robotic form + what is the type of service you provide.

    2. Submit your entry in a response in this thread only, limiting your text to 500 words. You can submit one internal link (not more) within the text of your entry.

    Prizes: All creative entries will get cash credits, which will be put in to your response entry in this thread itself. The points in the response will also be enhanced to the equivalent of the cash credits you get. Additionally, good quality entries will be awarded virtual gifts from out gift shop.

    Last date to submit entries in this thread: 15th April, 2015 [date extended].

    Note: Members are expected to be honest and not to change the entry. You may correct spelling, grammar and general typo errors but do not change the main theme of your entry.

    Have fun!
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    That would be real fun.
    Should we post our articles in the resourcce section itself and mention the title along with the referral link here?

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    I don't think so. Vandana ma'am has clearly mentioned that, entries should be posted in this thread only.

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    Thank you Mudassir for clearing out my doubts. Actually in my screen ads are overlapping the texts in some places, so it all created a mess.
    Might be a bug in my system.

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    Here is my entry
    Me Tiara: The Flying Bird Robot


    Delete Attachment

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    I guess we are required to submit an entry as a response to this thread only. I do not think we can give the link to some attachment. Waiting for the confirmation from Vandana.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Even I was thinking the same, but unless we submit it as a resource how do we do that?

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    She expects us to post our entries as a response to this thread within 500 words, if what we can understand from "Submit your entry in a response in this thread only, limiting your text to 500 words" means it. But, in case we have large number of entries for the contest, would it not be too longer a thread?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I still didn't get what needs to be done exactly, in the sense, how exactly the "submission" needs to be done, say, if not as an attachment, then in which other way?

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    This is interesting topic and will allow you to express your feelings. I would like to suggest some of the topics to write Articles on Robot.

    You can imagine your self as:
    Robot Father | Robot Mother | Robot Son | Robot Daughter | Robot Cricketer | Robot Teacher | Robot Prime Minister | Robot Soldier

    I am writing on Robot Prime Minister. So try to leave that topic and fill this thread with power of your interesting thoughts.

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    Put the entire text of your entry in a response in this thread itself. I think the guidelines are pretty clear!

    I am extending the last date in the hope that more members participate.


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    Thank you Vandana Ma'am.
    But that needs courage !

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    Me Tiara: A Flying Bird Robot

    Today I am born as a Flying Bird Robot. The last touches are over, and I could manage to steal a glimpse of myself from the shining glass case that was lying at the corner of the lab. I have been painted olive green with two wings that can take me anywhere my user wants me to fly. I am gifted with real feathers which helps me to and hide and camouflage myself. I love my looks and also the purpose for which I have been created. My artificial intelligence keeps me alert and safe.

    What I can do

    I can catch information on the move at breakneck speed along with high end photographs and videos of places and their events through my microscopic cameras.

    My creator has given me all the powers which he wished he himself could have. I look more like a real bird than a robot, and it would be quite difficult for anyone to differentiate between me and a real bird, unless one catches me by hand. I run on a high power battery that keeps me running more than four hours at a stretch.

    I can fly away from my remote more than a kilometer and come back without any hassle, finishing my job. The motif behind my creation is to gather information with proper evidences which otherwise would have been difficult for humans. As I can fly high, I can enter any high rise building and catch the moments which is necessary to reveal the truth behind the apparent reality, and my deceptive looks don't let people know about my secret moves.

    I am responsible for collecting information, keep them sending to their respective receptors and store them for further usage. My flying capability made me a dynamic bird robot and I love to become one such utility gadget that serves so many purposes.

    My Utilities

    I can come to use for various purposes, but among all others, I love to use my powers to protect nature and wild life.

    I can also be used for security purposes, in significant places, homes, and especially for children when they are away from home.

    I can be a fantastic tool for the journalists.

    I can also be used in the court of justice, to prevent the innocent and punish the responsible.

    My Worries

    But I am worried in case I fall into wrong hands. I don't want to be used for wrong intentions and become a mere tool for destroying innocent lives.

    My Wishes and Hopes

    I wish my creator could provide me with an option of making my own choice, where I could only choose to contribute in modifying life as a whole. I hope to have my programming done in a fashion where I could also create an alert when users violate ethical standards and privacy policies.
    And the good news is, that isn't logically an impossible proposition. I wish the journey of artificial intelligence would save humanity, where I too can participate with my own small ways.

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    It is a pity that Anwesha was the only member to make the effort to submit an entry for this unique contest. Even though the requisite word limit was exceeded, she gets 30 points and 30 cc for her great entry as also a virtual gift.

    Thank you Anwesha for your participation.


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    Congrats Anvesha. You could keep the faith Vandana showed on us. It's really a great pity that none of us except you could come up with any great idea.
    Live....and Let Live!

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