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    Have you every read an e-Book?

    I was wondering whether any of you have ever downloaded an entire book on your PC or Tablet and read it? How was the experience? Do you prefer reading an e-Book to reading an actual book in its physical format? If so, why?

    I myself have never read an e-Book. I love reading but would far prefer reading a physical book. Even if a book is available for free online & is easy to download and read, then too I would definitely prefer reading an actual book.

    Let's discuss in this thread E-book vs Book in hand.
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    I have a lot of E-books on my phone. But, I agree with you in what you said that reading an actual book gives you more pleasure than reading it on PC, Laptop or smartphone. The smell of the paper is, in fact, the most rewarding experience.
    I have always been an avid reader and I have a bigger collection of books.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Other than the wonderful smell of a book's pages, why I like a book in hand better is that you can literally get into the feel of some of the characters. I even picture in my mind what the character looks like or play out a scene in my head.

    Such an interesting enactment in the mind would, I feel, not be as interesting as when reading an e-boook, if at all such an experience does occur.


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    I have read many ebooks on my laptop and the experience is the same that I get when I read an actual book. For me too I can picture the story running my mind whether I am reading a ebook or a hard copy. It is probably a habit one has to get into.

    I have had many days when I have been absorbed in my ebooks day and night, getting up only for meals and other important things which I am sure other readers can relate too. I have my own library of more than 60 ebooks which I don't have to worry about carrying anywhere as I have all of them stored online.

    The only difference I feel is that I can't read them in sleeping position because for that tablet is required rather than a laptop which I don't have right now.

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    That should be absorbing kind of explanation, webmaster. I have gotten into the habit of ebooks only over a couple of years ago- maybe even less than that. I am more habituated to reading books - the physical books. But, as far as the experience of over a year doesn't make much difference for me. Each books are advantageous in terms of not requiring to carry a bunch of books with you.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Even reading a book on a tablet is uncomfortable while in a sleeping position as it is a hard device and not a soft one like a book. It is akin to trying to hold a hard cover book. Paper back books create no such problems. It is indeed bliss for avid book lovers to settle for a read prior to taking a short nap in the afternoon or before night bed time!

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    This is simply my favourite topic to talk about. Yes, I read e-books very much but not as much, as I read physical books. I have a very large collection physical comics and books and I like it more than my collection of e-books. In my opinion, physical books are better than e-books in many ways. It's not always possible to keep the laptop or tablet on all the time just for reading the e-books. On that particular occassion, we can understand the importance of paper books. Also, it is not healthier approach for our eyes too. Continuous use of laptops and tablets might be hazardous for our eyes. Moreover, piracy of e-books is very much easier as compared to the paper books.

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    I have also read many e-books on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 as it has a big screen size of 7 inches. I like reading e-books very much but some of its pros and cons are given below:-

    1. E-books are very eco-friendly as they do not require any stuff like papers for printing text on them. We know that paper is made from trees as we destroy the trees it causes global warming.

    2. E-books are much cheaper than the printed books and are easily available on internet without searching in the book shops.

    3. There is no need to carry any extra material. As we are always carrying are phone wherever we go so there is no need of carrying book as a separate material.

    Its cons are as follows:-

    1. It may harm your eyes. When reading for a long time with a high brightness it may cause strain on your eyes and may weaken your eyes.

    2. As we all know that first the printed books are released in market and then their e-books are made.

    After all these pros and cons I think that in future there will be more and more e-books and very less of the printed books.

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    Yes i used to read ebooks. Presently I am reading 'Teach Yourself Visually Search Engine Optimization'. You will not able to find the books which are available as ebooks.

    Ebooks I read:
    SEO Bible
    Adolf Hitler Biography
    The Last King Of Scotland

    It is good to read ebooks besides the disadvantages mentioned by Himanshu. We get good knowledge. One more thing books are costly and it is of no use after reading it. You can only keep it in your cupboards.

    Do you know that you can create a backlinks which google counts by publishing ebook.

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    A true book lover would never consider a book to be of no use after reading it! In my house we have lots of books in our cupboards but they are not of "no use". Obviously they have still been kept because of their usefulness. That is, we can continue to get pleasure from reading them again and again and again. I hire books to read from a local public library and if there are no new books of interest to me there, I will remove one from my cupboard and read it again. The enjoyment of a once read book can be experienced all over again. The sheer joy of reading a book enjoyed earlier never dies.

    As for books being costly, not all are. Those who cannot afford the high priced ones do visit book exhibitions and roadside book stalls and even the local newspaper/books radhiwala's shop! Books also come with great discounts at many e-commerce sites and one can easily get a good deal.


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    Another point to note: I doubt those who read an e-book read it again, unlike those who love reading an actual book.

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    Vandana I think you love books very much. I think you got hurt by my words "no use" about the book. I am really sorry for that.
    But as per my view you read books to get some knowledge. I also have many actual books in my cupboard. Most of them are Novels, Biographies and religious books. But what to do after reading it too many times. My cupboard is half full with them. It is bad that I am not married till yet otherwise my life partner will get chance to get some knowledge from my collection. Because I have read each and every book in my cupboard many times. And I know what is written on next page. I don't hate actual books.

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    Mukhtar, why are you apologizing?! No need at all. We are having a good discussion about books vs e-books and swapping views on it. Everyone has their own individual take on this topic & can express their views freely.

    I know you don't hate books. I just wanted to point out that books are not necessarily forgotten on a cupboard shelf & can be picked up again to read whereas an e-book is more likely not to be re-read again.


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    I am an avid reader and have read few of my books probably more than 10 times. All of the them have been ebooks only because I rarely bought hard copies of books! There is huge advantage of it, I have it with me practically all times, in my mobile as well as on laptop.

    Reading on screens is catching on quite fast due to ease of access and storage. You just need to start accepting the fact. Though I would agree that there is some different comfort of reading a hard copy but for me the advantages of ebook far outweigh the feel this one single thing.

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    Yes. I have read many e-books in my Mogo G phone. It is very nice way to read a book. First of all e-books are cheaper than physical hard copy books. They even do not require more space and no care is required from us.

    If you stuck at unknown word, simply use inbuilt dictionary to get it solved. I find no difference in experience between e-books and corresponding hard copy book.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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