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    Should we use the word bro when addressing somebody?

    I have been seeing quite a few members using the word "bro" when addressing another member. I feel we should not use the word as it is a slang word. English and writing skills can be improved upon by cutting down on the use of slang words and short forms of words of the kind used in an SMS or short email. I somehow feel a bit annoyed when I see the frequent use of the word "bro" or "dude".

    Do you get annoyed at seeing such tags like bro and dude? Should we request TECians from using such words? Give your frank opinions in this thread.
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    Well, even I have been using the word bro in my responses. I was not aware that it does not fit into a proper address.
    But one must agree that it has become too common, of late, to use such slangs. We have taken to it as we, indians, are used to the terms like Bhai and we tend to equate the word bro to Bhai.
    As for me, I did not come to think of it as being annoying. But, yes- after seeing this thread I guess I need to think twice before using it because it may, or may not appeal to the other person.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I agree with Vandana. It is not professional to greet someone "bro" when you write online or offline.

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    Although I have also used this word 'bro' in some of my forum responses, but I was not aware of the fact that, it is a slang word. I was using it as a short form of word 'brother'. Since, you have mentioned in your thread that, it is not a good etiquette to use the word 'bro' in our/my responses and webmaster have also confirmed the same, I assure you that, I will not use this word again anywhere, whether it is online or offline writing. Thanks for coming up with this informative thread Vandana ma'am.

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    According to me these are very common words nowadays and mostly all of the people use these words while making conversation with one or another person. I never get annoyed when anyone says me bro or dude I even like this that someone is using these words for me. As you told that these are slang word so according to me these words should not be use very frequently but can be use sometimes when needed.

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    According to me this word "bro" gives reader one great feeling of being a family member. Bro means brother and here at Techulator we all are like family members as we are helping each other,solving problem of each other and one great thing we also are earning here.

    Bro word using here is good. But if we are working at some place we must avoid to use this word with our seniors. We can not use word bro to our Managers, our Boss or to the person in our field of work. But in same way if we can use this word with our junior workers or the workers working under us it will encourage them in their work.

    Think your boss call you as bro. You will feel great and will encourage you to do your work more better.

    So it is very good to use word bro at some places.

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    I do not think it would be practical to use the word Bro at your work place - even with your juniors. Using it in an informal chats with your friends may seem to be in line with the current trend of social behaviour.
    But, I agree with what Vandana and Tony sir are saying with respect to the usage of the word in sites like Techulator.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I would suggest you look up the word on the Net. It is not only considered slang but also an inappropriate slur. I suggest you not use it at all even in day to day conversations with your friends. Why not call a person by his/her name, something which is that person's very identity or simply just say a friendly "Hi"?

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    I Disagree with Vandana. Almost all of the reputed blogs use these words so as to make an informal and friendly environment. As I am a hardcore gamer, I regularly visit gaming blog - game-debate(dot)com and there we all (irrespective of our nation) use these kinda words.

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    Prashant, other blogs may use the word but we do not approve of its use here. We would like to project ourselves to be a very professional site and not some informal place for anybody to use inappropriate informal language (meaning inappropriate for this site).

    Even the words you used in your response above, namely "kinda" words, would not be right to use here as it is basically a slang way to say "kind of" words.


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