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    How to submit good article responses

    You are requested not to give pointless responses to articles just to gain points and cash credits. We are seeing an increasing number of such responses to articles, much like the ones being given to forum threads.

    Do try to stick to giving valuable responses and not ones which really serve no purpose at all. For example, if the article is giving information on games, you could mention which of those games you yourself played and what you found interesting about it or you can dissent with what is mentioned in the article. Don't simply write, "These are great suggestions for PC games. I have not tried them out myself but they seem to be good." This kind of response to an article serves no purpose does it?

    Here are a few guidelines:
    1. A response to an article should be such that it adds value to the article's already submitted content. That is, you can provide additional information or update/correct some information provided within the article.

    2. Do not write one line sentences. The minimum should be at least 3 sentences.

    3. Do not give responses of these types:
    - What a well written article.
    -Thank you for the information.
    -The author has given good points. It is good to read such articles. I have noted the points provided in the article.
    -This is a very useful article. I will read other articles too written by you.

    4. Do not repeat the same type of responses. For example, if you have made a response to an article on XYZ smartphone features, stating that ABC smartphone is now out in the market and will be a tough competitor to XYZ, then don't repeat the same thing in responses to all other articles on smartphones!

    Remember: a response to an article should be adding value to the page as much as the article itself does. That means giving your own feedback, a review or suggestions or updating readers about some new aspect of the product / service which is written about in the article.
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    A great collection of guidelines Vandana. These points by you are going to help many members on Techulator including me.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Even I have found such pointless submissions in the articles section. I agree that even I could have committed the same kind of mistakes. Will need to introspect and make corrections. Thanks Vandana for the guidelines.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have recently started posting in Resource responses and looking for the guidelines for the same. I have got your points. I will definitely follow the guidelines as mentioned by you.

    Instead of posting these guidelines in forum TEC must start a Guideline section where rules for every section is there. Member of TEC just go to the section and know what he do and what he not do in particular section. There TEC must also give information about the penalties and other things if that rules are violated.

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    Guidelines are better posted in forum section. Almost all members access forum at least once in a day. Having a separate section may go unnoticed.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I agree with the Mukhtar's response there should be a separate section of the rules and regulations of Techulator. As many members on TEC are still not aware regarding the rules and regulation of this site properly like newbies. It will help the newbies to be familiar with TEC simply by going through the content in the separate section and they will soon start contribution in bulk here. But without that section they require time to gather and read information regarding the rules and regulation of this site. But its up to webmaster if he wants to make a separate section or not. We can just give a suggestion to do so.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Are you sure a separate section for guidelines will receive any better attention from the members? Let me point it out to you that inspite of having well defined rules and frequent reminders about them in the forum as in this thread, we often see violations! And most comfortable fit them are from older members. I would request all the members to pay attention to the fact whether they are abiding by the rules and guidelines instead of blaming the newbies.
    I believe having the guidelines outside the forum will not have any positive impact.
    Now, shall we please stop this off topic discussion and move on?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Why has a month old thread been pulled up again for discussion? Members should be more responsible and respond to newer threads & initiate more fresh threads, rather than needlessly giving responses in really old threads.

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