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    How to get 1000 views on ask expert question?

    As on techulator a contest was started which give the members a good chance of earning a bit more. As we all know that the condition was that the question you have posted in the ask-expert section should have 1000 views so that we will be given Rs. 100 as award. I have never got this award till now but I have seen that many members like Bhakti Savla has reached this milestone many a times. So I want to ask her and other members of techulator that how can I get 1000 views on my ask-expert question. Please provide some good tips for these which you are using personally. Thanks in advance to all those who responses.
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    Himanshu bro,
    I guess there are no tips to get 1000 viewers on your questions. Its not an easy task to get 1000 views on your ask expert question but still if you wants to try for it than I would like to suggest you that:-

    Make your questions attractive by asking about the latest things. As the latest releases are searched by more and more number of people so it can lead to fetch more and more viewers on your questions.

    Keep posting your questions every month. If not more, then post even one in a month. It will take time to get 1000 viewers on them but one day they will be successful to get them.

    Even I will be trying to get 1000 viewers on my questions now.

    I hope your questions will get 1000 viewers soon. And best of luck.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Thanks Aman for the tips you gave me. I also hope that your question will get 1000 views.

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    There is no hard and fast rule to get 1000 views on your question. It depends on how much traffic your question gains.
    some points that may help you do that may include the following tips-
    Try to post questions on trending topics. That way you will get more views. Do not forget the fact that it may take much time, you will not be getting 1000 views within a month. Few of my questions have not reached even 200 views in 2 months.
    It depends upon sheer luck to achieve this feat.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes Timmappa Kamat you are right to say that it also depends on the luck of a person to get 1000 viewers on his/her question. Time also plays a crucial role in it so continue to post more and more questions in the Ask Expert section. I had posted only one question in the Ask Expert section and it had not crossed 1000 visitors yet. So the best way to get 1000 visitors on your question is to have patience and post more and more questions. I hope Timmappa Kamat your questions also get 1000 visitors soon.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I never look forward to gaining awards or achievements. I just go on posting content that appeals to me and relevant to the section concerned. In fact, I have not even checked the traffic of my content over the last couple of weeks.
    That's why I guess I have been successful on TEC, because I post what my heart goes for- in any section.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    That's what I do Timmappa Kamat. I have also not checked the traffic on my question from many months. I just try to post more and more content on Techulator. And that automatically results for my awards or achievements.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Himanshu, It all depends on the nature of the question. Let me share my experience. Since the start of my tec journey, I have asked 42 questions in total. But only 3-4 questions from them are getting any significant traffic. And all of the those questions which are getting good traffic are related to Smartphones and Tablets. Last month, I asked a question about best Tablets and under one month, it has fetched 200+ visits and still counting. So, I personally recommend you to ask questions about Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops etc. And don't forget to share them on twitter, facebook Google+ etc.

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    Search for 100 Active related Circles on Google Plus. Join Them and Follow them
    Share your post in all that circles.
    If you get 10 views from a single circle you will get 1000 Views.

    Share the same on Pintrest, Stumbleuopn, Reddit you will easily get more than 100 to 200 views.

    Search For Related groups on Facebook and post it on it.

    Write article related to your post and give back-links to your post and submit it on Article submission websites.

    Make Youtube video related to your post and upload it to Youtube.

    If you are a blogger make related post on blogger or wordpress and give backlink to your post.

    Hope this will work.

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    That is indeed a good tip. Following it can help in gaining 1000 views. Only care to be taken is to avoid looking like a spammer.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, the tips mentioned by Mukhtar are very practical and easy to follow. I will try to follow them for my AE questions too. There is one simple formula. The more you share, the more traffic you will get.

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    Believe it or not! Two years back I have asked a question related to the best media player. It has crossed over 25000 [25 thousand] page views within 05 months. What ever you put related to the keyword 'Best Media Player', my query was shown as very first result. I had over 300 page views a day on this query. You can read my testimony here,

    But now it has been pushed back to the tail end I think as I have almost no traffic. This is because other sites might got better rankings related to this keyword.

    I have achieved it not only by merely asking such questions but greatly with the help of opted answerers of the questions. So you must have good question with best answers to touch the heights.

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