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    Avoid unwanted HTML tags in all section, especially Ask Experts

    Hello everyone,

    Recently, some of our valuable members started using HTML tags to format text in the Ask Experts section. It was followed by many other members to decorate text with all kinds of HTML tags.

    Please note that we do not encourage use of HTML in any sections of this site.

    H1 tag is not allowed anywhere since the system automatically generate an H1 tag for every page using the title of the post.

    H2 and H3 tags may be used depending on the text that comes under the heading. The text has to be reasonably big to use such heading tags. These tags are recommended only in the resources section.

    Using FONT tag to change the color of the text should be avoided (unless absolutely necessary).

    Ideally, the Ask Expert section do not require any HTML tags. If the answer is very long, you may use H2 or H3 tags. But be aware that we do not want big essays in the AE section. Short and precise answers are just fine. If the answer can't be expressed in a short description, then you can go for long answers.

    You may use OL, UL, LI tags in the AE section.

    Avoid unnecessary use of B tags, unless you want to highlight some headings using the B tag.

    Avoid highlighting the keywords using B or STRONG tags.
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    A great collection of guidelines sir. I will surely follow all of them. It is also going to help the new members on TEC and also to those members who wants to know the HTML tags which are only to be used in the Ask Expert section.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    These rules are very necessary I will also keep these in mind while giving answer in the ask expert section. But I have a question that when I am writing specifications of any phone. I have to mention things like Display and Operating System so can I use bold tag or string tag in that or we are not allowed to use them.

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    Do not use bold tags in the Ask Expert section. Use only tags of ol, li and ul for numbered/bullet points.


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    These are quite essential guidelines. Members begin imitating other members and the habit becomes universal. Some of the members began using the H2 and B tags, and all others followed suit to be in competition- myself included. I used to avoid using HTML tags in the initial days of my stint with TEC.
    Thanks for letting us know of the guidelines. I will surely abide by them.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Although we can use normal HTML tags in our posts but heavy use of HTML tags is definitely a bad practice. Thanks Tony sir for these useful guidelines.

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    Thanks sir for telling us to avoid unwanted HTML tags.I will take care of your instructions for next time.

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    Tony Sir,
    I need a clarification. You mentioned that you do not encourage use of HTML tags in any section and have given instructions with relation to the Ask Expert section. What about the section of product reviews? I use ol, ul and li HTML tags to list the features of a product, as per the instruction I received from an editor the first time I submitted a product in that section. Is that ok?


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    I guess that should be okay, Vandana. Tony sir has said that it is discouraged to use tags in AE section. I don't think there will be any such restrictions in resources and product review sections. Extreme or heavy usage will appear too spammy - as far as my knowledge goes.
    Let's see what Tony sir has to say about this.

    Live....and Let Live!

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