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    Same response posted thrice in ask expert question.

    I have posted a response in the ask expert section question: -
    I have just hit the Submit Answer one time but it is posted thrice. I want to request the editors that please delete the extra responses and please look at this problem.
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    All of us face this issue once in while here on TEC . It normally happens just because of network issues. If your network is too slow, the response gets double posted. I would advice you to follow these steps in the future-
    After hitting the submit button once, wait for a couple of minutes before hitting it again.
    If you think your response Is not posted, copy the contents of the post and reload the page. Check if your response has been posted. If not, you can repost it by pasting the copied the content again. That way you will not be forced to type all the data once again.
    As for your current double (or triple ) post, don't worry. Editors will take care of it.

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    I have faced it many times Himanshu bro. And I guess there is nothing that editors need to look at this problem because this happens because of the network problem in our area. So to overcome this problem we must use Internet which is giving the best signal in our area. And you need not to worry about the multiple copies as they will be deleted by the editors. But make a note that if your five answers got delete in the last five days with various kinds of reasons than the site will automatically restrict you to post in the Ask Expert section for around five days. So get a good Internet signal if you don't want to get restricted in the AE section. You can also follow the points mentioned by Timmappa Kamat in the above response to overcome this problem.

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    I have deleted the multiple copies now.


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    Thanks Shravan for deleting the extra posts.

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