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    Best tags to use in Ask Expert section.

    Nowadays, I am working on the ask expert section for helping others with their problem and mostly I am giving response to those answers which are asked about features of phones. But I am confused which tag will be the best for which text formatting. Suppose I am giving answer to a question regarding any phone specification and at the top I have the topic (phone name). So which tag I should use their currently I am using h2 tag for that if you know any other tag that is better than it.

    Also suggest some tags for the subheading such as for Display or any other sub-heading. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Tags are very useful to use in our content as they make our contribution very nice in look. There are many tags which I use in the Ask expert section and I have mentioned some of them below:

    These were some of the tags which I use to make my content attractive on Techulator.


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    In addition to the tags mentioned by Aman you may also use i tag and u tag to highlight some part of your content. I follow these steps (not necessarily in that order)-
    • For headings! I use h2 tags.
    • For listing out items I use the combination of ul and li tag.
    • For highlighting a items like names I use i and u tags.
    • For sub-headings i use b or strong tags.

    There is no rule to use the tags. If your content has better value and quality, your content will definitely gain more points even if you do not use tags.

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    Members are requested to follow the instructions given by Tony Sir in the recent announcement: Avoid unwanted HTML tags in all sections, especially Ask Experts

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    Mukhtar Bro was once seen using FONT tag in one of his posts. I was about to ask him not to use it via forum. But since there was no response from editors, I thought that it was allowed. Now it transpires that these tags are not allowed.
    Besides , I have been using h2 tags in AE section. Seems I need to remind myself not to use it when tempted to do so.

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    Dear TiTimmappa Kamat I always try to keep my answers in AE section simple and without using any HTML tags. Whenever its necessary i only use Bold and blue color HTML tags. It is good to use bold and blue color html tags to give proper description to the users about the product solving query of user. This tags helps to make understand the user about different points.

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    Mukhtar, using the h2 and font tags are not permitted. You can use the bold tag when it is absolutely necessary to differentiate the points.
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