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    A good initiative in AE

    I observed a great initiative in AE section. My referrence is this link . The question has been locked for further responses. It has been found that members keep posting responses even the similar response has been given. It would be a good practice to lock older questions once the proper responses have been given. This applies to the kind of questions in the link above which have one and only one response.
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    It is not necessarily a good idea to lock an Ask Expert thread. No matter how many responses the thread has got & no matter how much information has been provided, it can so happen that somebody may come up with a fresh perspective to some query. For example, let's say a query about a software problem has been asked. 3 members respond, explaining in various ways how to resolve the problem. After 2 weeks perhaps a newly joined member who has experienced the same type of problem may respond, giving his own personal experience of it and how he resolved it or may ask a further related query in that same thread. Would it thus not be useful information?


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    I agree with you, Vandana - but my point is about the queries like the one in the link I shared in my post. Queries like this will have one and only one response. There cannot be any other answers. I wish such queries were locked after a specific period.
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    I agree with you Vandana. It can also happen in the case where a Android is asked of a smartphone and after sometime the Android has been updated of the same smartphone so there can be a new answer to the thread in that case.

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    In such cases, one can request webmasters to open the thread. I am not asking for closer of all queries altogether. My concern is with the kind of topics I have shared the link above. I don't think these kind of queries can have any other type of response than yes or no. And I'm sure some members even after not knowing the correct answer , will copy it and present it in their own words.
    I have also observed that there are instances when an AE question is presented, it remains unanswered for days together and one fine day, when someone answers it- series of answers pile up almost with the same response but in different words. How can one explain it?

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    You are also right to say that Timmappa Kamat. But I was giving an example of any other type of question.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I was tying to point out the kind of questions that have one and only one kind of response. Also while reviewing the responses attention must be paid to whether the author actually knows the answer Ir has just stolen the idea from previous responses.
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    It is not good to lock questions very early. Because there are possibilities that there is some good and well described responses or solutions come after one or two responses. All are responding after searching on internet. And there is possibility that some one get better response than already posted.

    My simple thinking there are queries available on internet which are posted on Techulator. And there are also solutions available on internet from which we all take ideas and respond in Techulator in our own words. So It is not good to lock any question after one or two response.

    For Ex : I have respond to one of the Question in AE after going through the LIC website: How to find the status of loan on LIC policy online?
    After my response there is one more response from Timmappa Kamat which says that
    "I am sorry to let you know Mukhtar Bro, you will not get loan related info on LIC's customer portal. I am registered customer on LIC portal and I know the details you mentioned. Please go through the question carefully. I'm asking about the status of LOAN taken on LIC policy. I'm not asking about LIC policy account status."
    Than again i send him a LIC website page link where i have seen that website itself tells that it is offering such services.

    So it is always good to wait till 5 or 6 responses before locking any question. But yes it is always good to lock questions which are very old and not in trend or only useful to the single user. Also it is good to delete response which is giving same information as previous response.

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    Mukhtar, I am not referring to the kind of questions that are explained by you. There are some questions which ask " Does X smartphone has OTG support?". The response to this question can be nothing else except a Yes or a NO. Once a couple responses are posted to this question, there is no point in continuing to have this unlocked. If, in case, anyone has further response different from that already posted, he can ask the team to open the thread.
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    Yes, there are some questions which should be locked early especially the questions related to OTG Cable support etc. The example mentioned by Mukhtar is very different from the query of Timmappa in this thread.

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