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    Two articles with same title

    Is it good to use exact same title for two articles on the same site?
    If no, then what is heppaning in techulator. Here are the links of those two articles.
    - Article on Flipkart Affiliate Program by Tony sir.
    - Another Article on Flipkart Affiliate Program by Krishna Verma.
    Is it good for the SEO of a site?
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    It is just like two people having the same name! It will become difficult to identify people if everyone have the same name but some random cases always happen and that doesn't cause a lot of issues.

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    The thread shows the quality of alertness on the part of Muddassir and his deep knowledge of SEO. It is a matter of pride to have such a member on TEC.
    And thanks a lot Tony sir for clarifying the effects on SEO

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, it does seem odd to have the exact same title for 2 articles with not a single difference in the words used in the title. As we can see, though, the second one was written 2 years after the first. Maybe it did not occur to the second author to check out, using the search box, whether the topic has already been covered earlier. In any case, if I am not mistaken, generally the first article on a particular topic is likely to get better traffic unless the second one has some kind of additional unique content.

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