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    Unwanted behaviour in AE section.

    I have observed a specific kind of behaviour on TEC. If I have to give an example, a question is posted on AE section. You find no responses for a couple of days - even a week sometimes. And someone posts a response. As soon as this response is posted , there come couple sudden posts within a few hours! Okay, no problem with it- but these new responses are nothing but a word play- only a few words are changed and replaced and the response is ready. What is the use of such responses? I guess this is done intentionally to increase one's points and cc. Does it not amount to exploiting TEC? As long as you have nothing new to post other than what has already been provided in the response - what purpose does your response serve? Except increasing your own points and cc...! I just would like to see editors taking note of such things. I remember once Anwesha had brought this point and stated the same that unless she has something worth adding to what already is posted, she will not respond to the question. I have also seen the same kind of behaviour in forum section as well , where a few members just keep elongating their replies and replying with unnecessary comments to the threads.
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    Timmappa, in such cases, those replies are given very poor points and no cc.

    But if you find any such posts where you think editors has mistakenly awarded an irrelevant answer then email me those details at:

    I will certainly resolve such issues.

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    Thanks a lot Pashant bhai, it feels great when people pay heed to what you have been trying get to point out. Thanks for the information.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Sorry for the belated response, Prashant Bhai. Got your mail and found the correction done. Thanks again for making me believe in what I did.
    By the way, please note that I dont have anything against any member. I just want the things to be fair for all with no one getting unnecessary advantages.

    Live....and Let Live!

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