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    Intentionally elongated response in AE

    I am sorry if I appear to be cribbing a lot. But one of the responses in AE section has been unnecessarily elongated. The additional details about the device are totally irrelevant to the question posted. Though it may appear to be targeting a particular member, I guess it should be my duty to point out the discrepancies as a responsible member of the site. I am talking about the respo se to this question .
    I request the editors to take note of the same. The first part of the response is okay in connection with the question , but my objection is to the 2nd part which has descriptions of a particular device which has been done to increase the length of the response.
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    According to me there is nothing wrong with the answer. The author has preferred Galaxy S6 Edge and describing the same in the 2nd part is not against rules.

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    Question is only about the differences between S6 and S6 edge. There is no query about which one to select. So where is the need to describe the S6 edge?
    By the way, I had followed the same logic once in in the AE section and my response had gone to pending status asking me to remove irrelevant content. So if it was wrong get for me, it should equally be wrong for others as well, right? Or do you mean to say it depends on editor?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Timmappa, There is no mistake in the editing process. As you can see the member already mentioned the difference between the two devices and recommended S6 Edge over S6. So, he preferred to provide the brief overview of the selected device and there is nothing harm in this.

    And as you said your answer was moved to pending state, then you may have used some extra content which was of no use to the one who asked that question. And hence you got "irrelevant content" message by the editor.

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    Timmapa, read the question carefully. It is asking for which one to buy. And one more thing I would like to add here is that if you find any mistake or skipp offs in editing, please report to the concerned editors via personal messages. Having too many complaints in forum section creates a negative impact on visitors.
    And you really are a great contributor and well wisher fo TEC. We encourage you for helping us to make TEC better.


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    Yes, Mehdi is correct, you should message Editors if you have any queries or complaints regarding AE section.

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    Well, how can I know which editor reviewed the response.? Is there any way to get to know of it?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    It is not necessary to report a problem to a particular editor. You can contact Vandana ma'am, Prashant sir or me. You can also contact Tony sir or Ankit sir but since they remain a bit busy, reply could be late.

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