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    Isn't TEC turning too slow?

    I have been observing since last two weeks that the activeness of TEC is missing somewhere. Resources are not getting reviewed on time since last two weeks, contest results are not being declared, MOW awards are delayed, Webmasters are not replying to required posts actively and much more.
    I earlier used not to bother for such things but the things are turning too slow now. i am losing interest in contributing here. It is not a complaint. I am just writing what I feel.

    Your opinion?
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    That is what I had expressed in an earlier post of mine here in the forum. Looks like TEC needs something to spice things up.Even the payments have not yet been announced this month!
    You are forced to lose interest in contributing to the site because you are used to see the site buzzing with activity. It appears as if it has come to a standstill now.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, we understand your situation but please give us sometime to clear all these.

    Trusting in your usual cooperation and support.

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    Hi Mehdi,
    Yes, you are absolutely correct in your observations. I have been a TEC member for few years now and never witnessed such a lull period. Agreed, reviews have taken time as editors have their task cut out. But, since last few weeks, resource reviews or Ask Expert queries reviews are taking even more time than before. Also, the webmasters seem to be missing in action for quite sometime now (which was evident when they have not replied or credited cash points for the Forum testimonial that I raised about 3 of my AE queries crossing 1000 visitors each).

    I would encourage you to continue making contributions here as soon things would be alright. TEC is a wonderful platform and it is very rare to get such a good opportunity to write, share knowledge, learn and earn.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    When the site is going through slow phases, that is the time when the members' support is required the maximum.

    Getting frustrated is understandable, but will not not make any headway for us. Just prepare and submit your posts regularly, staying cool and being patient for things to get back on track.


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    Yes Mehdi, I am also observing the same kind of slowness in techulator. Forum section is also very boring nowadays. Most of the threads are either complaints or contest announcements. Forum of ISC is lot more better than the forum of techulator. I think Tony sir is working on a new site, that's why he is not so active nowadays.

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    Yes I agree with you Mehdi that the activeness of TEC is missing somewhere as the number of new submitted articles in the Technology section are increasing day by day and they are not getting reviewed by the editors on time. Its all fine in the other section of Techulator like in AE, the editors are too fast to check your post and that encourages members to post more and more content in that section.
    And as Hafeez said that they will be working to announce all the awards as soon as possible so now we should have patience as two new awards are already announced and hope to see more announced soon. Also, after this particular forum thread, I found that many articles were checked by editors which I think is a good coincidence :-).
    So, I think the TEC is coming back to its active days which it used to have earlier.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I still miss the buzzing activity that was earlier found on Techulator. Seems Muddassir is right when he says that Tony sir might be building a new site. But I can see AE section coming back to life these days. A few new questions are coming up almost everyday which could be a good thing( I have been a bit busy and am not able to post responses responses there - hope to be free in a couple of days). What about other sections ? I observed that many articles were reviewed over the last couple of days. So I can say it is a sign of TEC returning to its older stuff.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hmm Timmappa Kamat, you are right that still the activeness of TEC is not on blaze as it used to be. As many articles of Feb month are still not checked and I can understand what it feels when one's articles is not getting checked for weeks! But I must say that activeness is returning on AE Section as I could see a dozen of new questions/queries. And for my liking, all the questions and answers are getting checked by editor(s). Let's hope to see the same activeness in technology section also.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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