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    Smartphone app for techulator

    Many popular blogs and websites have their own Android and iOS apps. Why techulator doesn't have an Android or iOS app ? A handy smartphone app of techulator will surely increase its reach, traffic and revenue. I think webmasters should consider making an smartphone app for techulator. What do you think about this suggestion ?
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    Even I have been searching hinge for such an app. That will help us contributors tech up at or even on the go. I agree it is a bit tough for a website of this nature to go mobile. But having such an app will go a long way in improving the contributions.
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    There is no official app of techulator for smartphones. However, I have created an app for techulator on my own online. I am using this in my Android smartphone.
    Below is the app attached to this post. Click on it to download the APK file.

    Or if the attachment shows an error, go through this link to download the Android app for techulator:


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    Thanks for that link Bro. I have just downloaded and installed it. But still to check it.
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    That's really a great initiative by Mehdi Bro. I used it all trough the day and it is quite handy. Though it is just a link kind of app, it is helpful in no need to go to browser and login to TEC. Well, I have a doubt. Which browser does it use - native Android?
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    No, the default app browser. It is simply a browser in which you can only browse techulator on a go. I use this to get the things quickly done and also because of the speed of browsing which is really awesome.
    Actually I am developing an app for a blog of my friend as I have done an app development course. This app is just a shortcut developed by me with some minimal code work on This app helps you to quickly access techulator with desktop theme on phone.


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    Its a great suggestion Muddassir Husain to make an Android and iOS app for Techulator as by this members can contribute even while traveling or while in any other situation. I think webmasters should pay their kind attention towards this suggestion as it can be useful for the site to get more and more content. As we know most of the people have smartphones rather than PCs or Laptops so they can be comfortable to post their content on Techulator.

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    The app created by Mehdi is good approach. But a dedicated app for techulator will be more better.

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