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    Mobile phones as an Alternative of other devices

    Nowadays, Mobile phones are the most important part in our life. It is an alternative of many electronic devices as well as many non-electronic devices. For example, It eliminates the need of Clocks, Calender, Camera, Pager and many other things. Please share more things which are available on mobile phones.
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    Actually mobile phone es have changed everything in our life. They have replaced our morning alarms. We have stopped carrying our walkmans- the portable music players- with us. They have turned our bookshelves empty because we can carry hundreds of books on the smartphones. Wristwatches have gone into thin air. They have replaced our cameras, calculators, planners, calendar and whatnot.
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    You are right Muddassir Husain mobile phones have became a common household requirement as now a days many things are done on our mobile phones. Now smartphones have also become a gaming console as they runs on Android. And PC like games have started coming for Android platforms like GTA, Modern Combat series, Asphalt series, NFS series and many more.
    Besides this, smartphones with high camera features have replaced actual cameras, isn't it? Moreover, now we don't need bulk of files for any purposes (official or personal) as we can carry them easily on our smartphones. The thing which made these smartphones more addictive is WhatsApp. So such examples shows why landlines are not currently active in most of the households.


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