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    Did you experience any of this at Techulator?
    1. You got fewer points and cash credits than what you expected for your post.
    2. Your post got shifted to pending and you did not understand why.
    3. Your post got deleted even though you were 100% sure that you had followed all the requisite guidelines.

    If you experienced one or more of the above & would like expert guidance, put in a response in this thread with the URL link of your post. Expert members & editors will review it and guide you accordingly.

    Please give a direct link to the article/thread of your post so that we can review it quicker & provide feedback.
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    Vandana mam,
    I want to know whether the delay in reviewing of the articles affect their traffic?

    I have seen many of my articles when in pending state didn't catch much traffic but as soon as they are approved they start getting many visits.

    Also, some articles get outdated in that much of time. For example if we post an article about a deal or a particular smartphone, it is reviewed after a week or two. In that time the topic might have become an outdated one.

    Can you please clear out my doubts regarding this?


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    I agree with Mehdi on the point of the topic getting outdated over a week or so. This specifically happens with the new launches. Companies normally announce newer devices typically a week or so in advance of actual launch. If we write an article on the launch of the device and if the article gets reviewed after two weeks, the article has already lost its novelty. I guess attention should be paid to such articles first rather than general articles.
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    One more doubt I do have with resources section is that are we permitted to share the article on social media before it is reviewed. I normally share the article as soon I publish it not waiting till it gets reviewed. Is it treated as violation of site rules? I know that the article becomes the property of the website as soon as it is published.
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    I do not think reviewing of an article is linked to it generating traffic. Any well-written article gets right away ranked by the search engines on its first two pages & thus would definitely get traffic right away. One example is of my article on screen guards for Micromax Yu Yureka. Within seconds of submitting it here, it was appearing on Google and got a little traffic. It has still not been reviewed by an editor but it is getting one or two daily visitors.

    I do agree that some product or app or game on which you have written may get outdated quickly. I do feel that such a post needs to be reviewed within 2 days maximum. Yet, even in such a case, if it has been written well using key SEO techniques, there is no reason why it would not have generated traffic.


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    Sharing on social networking sites an article which is not yet approved is not in any way against any site policies. After all, it is the copyright of the site. However, it is not advisable to share a post beforehand unless you are 100% sure that it would get approved. That is, if you are confident of your writing skills & do know that, based on past submissions, it has been presented well & would get approved, then it is perfectly ok to share it at social networking sites.

    However, if a member has had some past history of having articles (or posts in other sections) rejected, then it is not a good idea to share it elsewhere. Suppose the post gets deleted. Then the visitor to the page sees nothing and goes away from the site, probably not likely to even bother to visit Techulator again. On the other hand, a visitor to a page of an approved post is likely to be having some continued interest in our site and will hover around, browsing through other pages & thereby increasing traffic (perhaps revenue too!) to Techulator.

    The bottom-line: share if you are sure of approval, don't if you are not. As I mentioned in my response to Mehdi, a well written article generates traffic automatically without necessarily having to share it.


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    It is true that a well written article with good SEO will immediately start getting traffic but the thing is when someone starts read the un-reviewed article, he/she finds a banner in the red color stating that this article is not yet reviewed by the editors. Doesn't this create a negative impression on reader's mind? He/ She might not read the article fully an hence we loose the chances of getting ad clicks and the visit length is recorded minimum. This might also not encourage the returning visits.


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    Exactly. Regular articles can be reviewed on weekends in line with the current practice. But those articles with such topics that would get outdated at a faster rate should be reviewed in a couple of days. That's because once visitors lose interest in these trending topics, those articles will not generate much traffic. I know this would be little tough for our editors who have to pursue their professional life along with the duties of editors on TEC.
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    This is for Mehdi and Timmappa; I have had instances when my articles in draft have received page views. I don't know whether such articles are visible to anyone on the internet or only to editors, and if it is the latter who had viewed my draft articles.
    Articles in new submission and or pending have also been receiving page views, and from what I understand the status does not adversely affect the traffic.

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    Thanks for enlightening us, Juana Madam. I have observed that even the content not yet approved does appear in Google search results. It all depends on the use of proper keywords, I presume.
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    Thanks Vandana ma'am for starting an informative thread. I have few doubts on online content posting.
    I want to know, how to use these symbols while posting something on techulator or on any other website. Should I use spaces between the text and symbols or not. Below are the four examples of my doubts :
    - (example text) or ( example text ).
    - What? or What ?
    - This/That or This / That.
    - Wow! or Wow !
    I think it is an off-topic question. But I really want to clear up my doubts. Hope you will understand.

    P.S. To Juana ma'am; Articles in draft section are completely 'noindexed' for search engines. It is impossible for a draft article to get search engine traffic. The page views you're getting are either your own page views or from an editor.

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    What you asked is not an off-topic question. This thread is for any query related to submitting a post at Techulator, be it about SEO or correct English.

    As per my English knowledge, there should be no spaces. The correct format would be:
    - (example text)
    - What?
    - This/That
    - Wow!

    I will request Juana too to clarify as she is a qualified English teacher & could guide us properly.


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    Vandana has provided the right solution to the query raised by Muddassir. According to grammar rules there should be no space in the doubts posted in the query.
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