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    How does TEC help us earn?

    I must say TEC is the best website to help you earn a few bucks. But one question has always been making me wonder. How does TEC afford to provide the kind of cash rewards it offers in various sections. As far as those having AdSense account are understandable, but it does offer good cash rewards for people with no such accounts - people like me - quite handsomely. What exactly is the working model for this extra-ordinary feature? I have gone through a lot of online earning options like surveys, click to earn websites and all. None of them offer the kind of earning that TEC provides!
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    By posting content, you generate traffic to TEC which in turn generates a great revenue via Adsense, infolinks and other such programs. Not only the article section is a good source of revenue to tech, Ask Experts and Forums do contribute a lot in those earnings and then you are given your share.

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    which clearly means TEC is doing a kind of giving back while similar other websites just keep everything themselves.
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    Techulator uses its Adsense ID on every section of this site to earn cash. And the Adsense which the members use in their posts get 80 % of the total revenue generated by their articles whereas 20 % still goes to Techulator. Moreover this website receives several product review requests from the developers and for writing those reviews developers directly pay Techulator team for their great work while the members who wrote those reviews would get a share from the Techulator's cut.

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    You can never imagine how much techulator earns. Techulator earns hundreds times more than us. We only get one time reward for our contribution. And techulator takes all the recurring Google Adsense earnings from our contribution (only if we don't have an Adsense account). Techulator gives 100% Adsense revenue (correct me if I am wrong) to the author of the article only if he/she has a fully approved Google Adsense account. This revenue comes from Google Adsense's pocket instead of techulator. The revenue sharing period of Google Adsense for an article is 1 year (sometimes more in rare cases), after that techulator takes all the future earnings from that article.

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