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    Articles are continuously getting rejected

    The article mentioned below has been rejected. The editor says that its because of poor quality content, but i didn't find any mistakes in the quality of the article. If there are new rules for posting articles, I would surely like to know about that.
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    The English grammar in the article is not good. Overall too the article is not at all well presented. There are no sub-headings and the features of the product are not really brought out properly. The words just seem to be running into each other.


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    I am mentioning some of your mistakes:
    Wrong: "new mode of"
    Correct: "new model of"

    "It's not obvious that in the era of Smartphone's, Smartscooter's aren't a nightmare. "- Not making any sense.

    "Gogoro Energy Network ...." - Again, while reading the article it seems that it just popped up in between the article. Not clear what you are trying to say. The next sentences about "zero emission" is again not making sense. You should have explained in detail what are you talking about and not just left everything in one sentence.

    Wrong: "The company acclaimed"
    Correct: "The company claimed"

    There are similarly many more mistakes in the article making it a very poor read. You need to give more time to your article, reading it through twice or thrice and then only publish it for review.

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    For getting your post approved on Techulator, Follow the below given guidelines:

    • You must research your article content well

    • You must not copy anything from anywhere on the web as this is strictly against the policies of Techulator

    • While writing content you should focus on good quality of English and always recheck your posts for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

    • Your article should not be less than 300 words and it should perfectly blend with your article subject


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I can understand the pain of a rejected article. But due the recent changes in Blogging and SEO world, it is not possible to publish a low quality post. It will negatively impact the ranking of techulator in search results.
    Below I am going to share some articles which will help in crafting quality content for online sites. You should go through the below links to improve your copywriting.
    - Use proper title for your resources.
    - Use proper summary for your resources.
    Below articles are posted on the ISC. It is a sister site of techulator. The writing tips given in the below articles also applies for techulator or any other blog/site.
    - Best online article writing tips.
    - How to post quality article in resource section.
    Hope you will get some of the best content writing tips from the above article.

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    Before publishing the article, go thru it a couple of times. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader whom you expect to read your article. Try to spell check it. In case you have language related issues, consult your friend/s who may guide you on the proper use of the language. Sometimes you may have a great idea, but face bottlenecks in expressing it due to a few language issues. In such cases it would be wise to take help from your friends to correct the language issues.
    Live....and Let Live!

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