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    How are your earnings from Infolinks ads at Techulator?

    I was just wondering whether any of you are earning well from Infolinks ads at Techulator. Recently the policy was implemented to use only one type of Infolink ad in our posts here. This is naturally being done in the best interests of the site. However, it is likely to reduce our earnings from Infolinks ads. I want to know, irrespective of this policy, did you get any earnings from Infolinks?

    In my case, for the last 3 months I have earned 31 cents from Infolink ads at Techulator. Could you all share your experience of Infolinks earnings in this thread?
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    I used to get around $0.01 or $0.02 per day before this policy was implemented. But since the day this new policy is introduced, the earnings have considerably reduced. There are days with 0.00 earnings.
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    I earned $0.77 till the end of the month of January. And for this month, my earnings are 0.31 till date. I am not seeing good earnings since the implementation of new policy regarding infolinks on techulator. Otherwise, till today, my total earning from infolinks adds up to an amount of $1.08 (Rs 60 approx). :-)

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    I definitely have better earnings from other members but considering the number of articles I have here it could have been better. Last month I earned around $8 from TEC and my total balance stands at around $40. Since TEC started with Infolinks I have been earning anything between $5-$8 monthly from it.

    I have only recently reduced the number of ads so I haven't yet seen a drop in earnings.

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    I was not aware regarding Infolinks earlier but recently I made an account on it. But still I don't know how to earn from my Infolinks account. Moreover my ads are not appearing on Techulator so I would like to know some tips regarding this issue. I found almost all the members on Techulator using it and I would like to know more about this.

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    Let me tell you my experience. I started using Infolinks from 8/12/2014, but I saw my first earning of 2 cents on 23/1/2015. Since then, I have earned an average of 2-3 cents regularly. But after the change in policy regarding the Infolinks ads, my earnings dropped to zero cents per day. My total earnings before the change was 44 cents. Now it is 46 cents. Just an increase of 2 cents on 19/1/2015.
    Now you can understand why I called Infolinks earnings as 'disasterous' in the response of a different thread.
    I request webmasters to increase the number of Infolinks Intext ads from 4 to 12 per page. And those members who are using Infolinks ads on their content in techulator, I suggest them to use blue colour for the Infolinks Intext ad links to increase their ad impressions.

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    If we put in 12 per page, this would affect the overall revenue of the site. That is exactly why the Webmasters imposed the rule. They probably discovered that Infolinks ads were creating a distraction to visitors who would check out Infolink ads rather than the other ads of Google which generate higher earnings.

    It is indeed unfortunate for us that this has created a drop in our own Infolinks' earnings, but in the overall interest of the site we need to go along with the Webmasters' rules. Can't be helped!

    I was thinking whether the Webmasters could allow us to use 2 types and not only 1 type? Maybe we could use inText and the inFold ads or inText and inScreen ads? I think the combination of inText and inTag should not be allowed though, as these create double distractions.


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    Vandana mam,
    Previously we were using all four types of Infolinks ad units on a single page. But now we can only use Infolink's Intext ad unit with only four ad links on a single page.
    I am only requesting webmaster to increase the number of Infolinks text ad links from four to twelve. This will not affect the visitor experience of techulator, I guess.
    This will be a favourable move for those who are not using Google Adsense with techulator like me. Hope webmasters will consider my request which is in favour of tec members.

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    I joined infolinks on 16th Dec, 2014 and earned 10 cents in that month. The following month saw my earnings go up a wee bit to 32 cents. This month I have earned 17 cents so far. I have managed to earn just 59 cents so far. At this rate it will take me years to get my first payout.

    By the looks of it Ankit appears to be the only one making some decent amount through infolinks. What is the secret to your success Ankit? On how many sites are you using infolinks?

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    Juana mam,
    Ankit has more than 5 hundred articles and 150 plus Ask Experts questions and answers on techulator. This is the secret of his good earnings through Infolinks. Moreover, he also has some blogs. I thinks he is using Infolinks on his blogs too.

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    My infolinks earnings have gone too down - more so than when I had commented above in this thread. I don't think infolinks would be a better choice for earning if you use it only on a couple of sites. As Juana pointed out, it will take years together to get the first payout!
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    Sorry for the late reply but I my laptop adapter had burnt out so I was not logging in here.

    As for your question, honestly there is no secret. All my Infolinks earnings are coming through TEC articles only. I no longer have time to work efficiently on TEC leave alone managing my blog. Probably my lots of articles on games and software reviews fetch a considerable amount of US traffic which helps me get some Infolink revenue. Nothing else than that.

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    I had got my Infolinks account activated via IndiaStudyChannel site and within the first month itself I realized that Infolinks ads pay very less as compared to Google Adsense ads. I got about $1 earnings in the first month (November 2014) from Infolinks ads on ISC. That is when I stopped expecting much from Infolinks ads as compared to Adsense earnings (which was atleast 50 times more).

    I had decided not to go for Infolinks ads on my TEC account, but, I may try it out for next 1 month and hopefully see some better results.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    I have got my Infolinks account recently which has been activated on Techulator and as per my experience the cash given to me through my Infolinks account is very low the reason behind could be that I am a new member on Techulator and I have not contributed much to earn good via my Infolinks account. Till now I only have $0.05 in my Infolinks account and I will put my all efforts to contribute on Techulator so as to increase my earning from my Infolinks account. I think Infolinks is not a good idea to earn money.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    No matter how much effort you do put in, an average writer will not get enough revenue from infolinks. It will definitely take eons to reach the minimum payout of $50. If you are a blogger or own several websites, or are a regular freelancing contributor to a lot of them - well, then you may be able to make a little more money. I guess Google Adsense fetches you more earning than Infolinks.
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    I agree with you Timmappa Kamat, that an average writer will not get enough revenue from Infolinks and even it will be very difficult from him to cross the minimum payout from his/her Infolinks account. I also think the same that Google Adsense fetches more earning than the Infolinks.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I agree with what Muddassir is requesting. We are not asking for increasing the ad units. What we have been asking for is to increase the the number of ad links per page. It can hopefully take our infolinks earnings a bit high.
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    I have applied for account and they message me that they will inform me once account will be approved. I have applied on 14th April. I haven't got any conformation email about my account. I don't know it is approved till yet or not. Now wwhen I try to access my Infolinks account it shows"The email or password you entered is incorrect". When i click on forgot password
    link and enter my email id I got message "Please enter a valid Email address". So I have drop idea to go with Infolinks. I am happy with Adsense. Before few days I have got one click from TEC and I am sure if I remain active I will get more clicks and will earn more.

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    It is better not to apply for an Infolinks account because the earnings of Infolinks are very less as compared to Google Adsense. Just use your Google Adsense account here, you will earn more with Google Adsense than with Infolinks ads.

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    You are requested not to pull up old Forum threads. You can submit your query in a new thread and give a link to an old thread if necessary.

    For an update on Infolinks, please read: Policy Change: Infolink Ads


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    Ok Vandana I will do it from next time. I have not aware about this that we cannot post in old threads and start a new thread in Forum section.

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