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    Wish to have the 'smileys' feature in the forum posts!

    Hello Techians,

    I often felt the need to insert a smiley for better expressions in the forum responses. Can't it be like the response box we have it Facebook or any other social media?

    The smileys will help us to better express ourselves in the discussions. So, is it a good idea? Should webmasters think over it? Or my wish will remain as a wish always. :-P
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    A very good suggestion. Smileys are a great way of expressing your real feelings. Sometimes you can't put your exact feelings though words, but the smileys speak a lot.
    Since forum is meant to be a casual interaction between the members with nothing too formal, I don't think there should be anything wrong with the use of smileys.
    Just hope to see how webmasters respond.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I don't approve of having smileys for forum responses. I think members will go overboard and use it everywhere for no reason.

    The forum may be a casual platform, but I feel that we should not allow SMS type emoticons or include smiley faces. Let's keep our responses and forum thread texts too clutter free and have just words.

    A forum editor can add an emoticon to a thread, the emoticon appropriate to the thread's topic, which is what you can see for this thread - you got your smiley!


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    I understand your concerns, Vandana mam - but allowing only a few smileys will help us bring in more conducive atmosphere for the friendly interaction in the forum.
    I agree with your point that the SMS kind of terminology should not be allowed at all because it will ruin the atmosphere than improving it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I also wish to have smileys on Techulator Forum as they could better express oneself rather than writing any words. It will also make this site more modern like its competitions and it will increase user friendliness. Moreover as far as I know smileys will not have any bad SEO effect on Techulator because I have seen mostly every website using this feature. I hope Webmaster to respond to this thread soon.


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    Yes Mehdi, I am 100% agree with your suggestion of emoticons in the forum section. Almost every Forum site has this feature. I don't know why techulator is lacking such an important and popular feature.
    I don't agree with Vandana mam regarding the "overuse of emoticons by member for no reason". Techulator has very less active members in the forum section and all of them are very well familiar with the posting guidelines. I don't think they will overuse emoticons. Even if a member still spams the forum section with emoticons, then it is possible to restrict him/her from posting emoticons anymore.

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