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    Request to reject my indexed article on Cricket World Cup 2015 Apps

    Hi Editors,
    I had posted an article about Cricket World Cup 2015 apps on 17th Feb'2015. Generally, I make a search in the articles section before publishing my post. But, this time somehow the search didn't show up another article that was written on same topic by another TEC member before me. So, I was waiting for the review of my article and today I realized that I had posted the article on a topic that was already covered in TEC.

    Hence, I request you to kindly reject the article

    It already appears on the 3rd Google search page results and I believe I can still reuse it elsewhere (having experienced a similar thing couple of years ago at TEC). Thanks for your help!
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    Your article was already getting traffic in techulator. You should not have removed the content. Anyway, it is rejected now since you had already removed the content and posted some junk text in it.

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    Sorry Tony sir. I thought since a similar topic article was approved today and I had not noticed writing article on the same topic, I assumed it would not be approved. Hence, I removed the content.
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    A gentle word of advice (though you are obviously contrite & have apologized): when we submit a post here, it is just not right to remove it and replace it with junk content. You could have informed the Webmasters first and put in a request, stating that you would like to post it elsewhere. Remember that once you post content on a site, it becomes the copyright of that site. It is unethical to remove such content even if you are able to do so via the edit button. So until the Webmasters give you the permission, you should not remove any content from any of your posts.


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    Hi Vandana,
    Yes, I understand your point. I am sorry about it as I wasn't aware that I could not remove content from a non-approved article.

    I removed the content thinking that the editors have not reviewed it even once because there is similar content present in another article posted. And as per my previous experience of similar nature, I remember editors had rejected my 'newly submitted' article (after almost 16-17 days) mentioning the topic to be already covered and saturated.

    I will definitely follow the norms next time round and avoid such a discrepancy. Thanks for your support!

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    This topic is not saturated one. You can see the Google trends. ICC World Cup is trending everywhere and I think the article you are talking about is mine. (:-p)
    You might have got a good traffic to that article as I am getting. Anyways be careful next time for putting yourself at lost. :-)


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    If at all you feel a topic may be saturated, you could find out from the Webmasters if it is indeed so or whether you could post it. You need not mention the topic you are writing on in the open forum, but could contact the Webmasters directly. I am sure they will clarify your doubts & guide you properly.

    Also, keep in mind that when a good author like you is contributing something to Techulator, it is highly unlikely that your post will get rejected on the grounds that somebody else also has posted on the same topic. Everyone has their own individual way of presenting a topic and we do allow a few articles on the same topic written by different members. Have a look at the contests organized here on smartphone accessories as just one example. There can be a wide range of accessories to write on but even that range will have some limit. So if somebody writes on a list of some accessories, another member may write on other accessories or even include a few accessories already submitted in the earlier post. Yet, each article will stand out in their own way and traffic will come to both pages since the title, summary and presentation will all be different. Hence never worry about some other member having submitted on the same topic as long as it is something trending & unique in its own individuality.


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