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    Contest announcements missing from forum

    There were two new threads initiated by the Webmaster yesterday announcing two separate contests. I had replied to both the posts with my choice of topics. However, those threads are now not visible on the forum. I understand they have been pushed into pending status.

    Will those contests be announced at a later date or are they being scrapped? I spent a good part of my day collecting data, downloading images etc. Please update the status so I know how to proceed.
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    Those threads are moved to pending since we have multiple contests are going on currently. They will be activated again within a few days and if you have started posting any article based on those announcements, those posts will be valid entries for those contests.

    You can see those threads here -

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    I agree with the Tony John's decision for moving those two contests to the Pending state. I think it was a mistake by Hafeez to announce many contests at the same time. Many contests at the same time will reduce quality work from the members on Techulator. And we know that our first concern should be on quality rather than quantity. Moreover I think if these contests are announced after a specific period of time then it will surely make most of the precious members to be continuously active on this site. More contests at the same time would tense the editorial work and if the contests are announced on a timely period than editors will get enough time to review them properly. This will encourage members to write even more for Techulator.


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    Even I was also wondering the same thing. First, I saw two contest announcement threads in the forum section, then on the next day both threads were missing from the forum. But after reading the Tony sir's response in this thread, my doubt is clear now. The reason given by Tony sir, is absolutely correct. There are already three article contests currently running in techulator and two more contests will lead editors and members into a great confusion.

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    Thank you Webmaster for the update. I will submit my articles in response to the announcement, in a few days.
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