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    Want to create poll in my forum thread

    Whenever I try to create a poll in for my Forum thread, It shows restricted access. I don't know whether I have done a mistake in techulator ( I don't think so ). I request, the webmasters / editors to provide me access to create polls in my forum threads as soon as possible.
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    You cannot create a poll from a forum thread because it has been restricted in techulator. However you can find that option in sister site i.e. IndiaStudyChannel perhaps. I don't think there is need of polls in this website.

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    Yes, I too do not think it necessary to create polls from forum threads or independently. It is really pointless. Even at ISC, the polls section is closed for submissions & those created from forum threads are rare, mainly in cases where the member does have automated access by default to create it.

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    Yes I was also not able to find this feature on Techulator whereas as per Mehdi told it is available on IndiaStudyChannel. So if you want to ask anything that will require polls than you can head back to IndiaStudyChannel for doing so.


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    I was just enquiring whether it is possible to create a poll in forum thread or not. Thanks for clearing my doubt.

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