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    Blank ad spaces in forum threads

    When I logged in just now (8.40p.m.), I could see grey squares next to the box where we post a forum response in most of the forum threads. There is no ad at all in it, though I could see the small arrow to indicate it is a Google AdSense ad unit display. In a few threads, I also saw this blank grey square just below the heading of "Create a poll for this forum thread" - there should be 2 ads there, but I could see only one, with the one on the right side being blank.

    I cannot provide screen shots as there seems to be some problem with my PC for this tool.
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    I looked around for the blank ads and could not find it. Please report it with page url if you come across any more blank ads.

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    Here is a screenshot of blank ad on this page itself.

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    I had seen the grey square in these 2 threads, but now it seems to be fine:

    Those blank squares are now showing ads of Syncfusion (like the ones on this page). Perhaps only those ads were the problem as in other forum threads where I had seen the blank space now I can see the Syncfusion ads.


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