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    How to create Infilonks account and integrate it with TEC?

    Recently noticed the Infolinks revenue on TEC and I would like to know more about it and the steps for making it happen on TEC.
    Thanks in advance
    Manu Murali
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    It is very easy to create and integrate an Infolinks account with techulator. First of all, you need to be a Gold level member. Then go to Infolinks website by clicking here (recommended). Now create an Infolinks account by filling out the registeration form. And in the URL box, enter you techulator profile link. In your case the website link is - Now wait somedays for the account approval. Once approved, login to your Infolinks dashboard and copy the 'PID' and 'WSID' no. from the ad code, and paste them to the third party ad settings page which is
    Now enjoy the good earnings in your Infolinks account.

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    After you integrate your Infolinks account with this site & get approval, please follow the latest instructions given by Tony Sir here: Policy change in Infolink ads

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    Thanks Muddassir Husain for your useful content in this thread. Earlier I was not aware from where to get my Infolinks account but now I from reading your response I have successfully made my Infolinks account and I am waiting for it to be activated soon on Techulator.


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    I am glad it helped you. Congrats for your Infolinks account Aman. I hope you will get an approved Infolinks account soon.

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