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    Policy Change: Infolink Ads

    We recently integrated Infolinks with Techulator, giving our members an opportunity to earn money by using Infolinks Ads in their content. Infolinks has a rich set of Ad types and allows you to enable multiple types Ads in every page. However, enabling all of them at a time will affect the usability of the pages.

    We are making a policy change with immediate effect - you are allowed to use only one type of ads on your Infolinks Ads in this site. You can choose which one, but make sure that you have enabled only only ad type. We recommend the "intext" ads.

    How to enable/disable ad types in Infolinks?

    1. Login to your Infolinks account

    2. Click on "Customize" tab

    3. Choose this website from the dropdownlist.

    4. Now, look at the leftbar and see the different types of ads. If it shows a green circle, it means that ad type is enabled. Red circle indicates it is disabled. Click on it and then check or uncheck the checkbox on the rightside to enable to disable it.

    Make sure you have only one ad type with the green circle and everything else is red.

    If you are enabling "InText" ads, you can configure it to show a maximum of 4 ads per page.

    If you have made the above changes, please respond with a comment below. We will be removing the Infolinks integration of all members who do not respond below within a week.
  • #20397
    Thanks for informing Tony sir. I have made the required changes and enabled just In-text ads with just 4 ads per page.

  • #20398
    Tony sir, I have changed the ad settings in my Infolinks account as per your instructions. Can I use ad types other than in-text or not.

  • #20399
    I have logged in to my info links account and made the necessary changes. Hope to see my info links integration continues to stay.
    Live....and Let Live!

  • #20400
    I have made the required changes. Please verify.

  • #20402
    Please note, relevant changes have been made in my inflolinks account.
    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #20403
    I have implemented the necessary changes and selected inText ads only.


  • #20404
    The instructions are very clear: use only one type of ads. So if you have opted for the inText ads, obviously you cannot opt for any other.


  • #20434
    Changes done.

  • #20493
    I have made all the required changes.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Tony sir, The new policy is negatively impacting the Infolinks earning of some members including me. After I made the necessary changes in my Infolinks account as per your instructions, my earnings dropped to zero. I have also stated the exact same problem in a different forum thread by Vandana mam. Please look into the issue. Hope to see some positive earnings in my Infolinks account soon.

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    Tony sir, a clarification needed. Please bear if it has already been answered and I could not decipher it.
    Is there any condition that we need to use in-text ads only? Can we use any other type of ad from infolinks. I do not mean to use more than one type of ad, but would wish to change the ad type. Will that be permitted?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Timmappa bro, I think it is permissible to use other types of Ad units from Infolinks. Webmaster had said that, it is recommended to use intext ads. It means, he is not forcing us to use intext ads only. He is only suggesting us to do so. By the way, you can wait for the confirmation of the webmaster.

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