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    Share your SEO tips here

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    As a member of techulator, I am sure that most of the other members in tec are running blog(s).
    So I want to know, how do you SEO your blog? How do you drive traffic to your blog/tec articles? What link building techniques do you use?

    Please share your tips here, so that it can help me and others to optimize their blogs and tec articles.

    My tip: I do share my article link on twitter with targeted hashtags and mention. For example if I have written an article on "Hostgator Webhosting", then I will mention Hostgator's twiiter handle in my tweet i.e., @hostgator with hashtag - #hostgator. This way twitter sends an email to hostgator stating someone has mentioned you on twitter. Hopefully if they retweet my tweet, then a single retweet gives huge traffic to my article.

    This method not only gives you refferal traffic but also impact Google ranking of my article. This method had worked for me many times. Maybe it will help you too.

    What do you think?
    Please share your traffic generating/link building tips here.
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    Here is a very simple and easy to understand SEO guide for the newbies. I found it very effective and useful. Hope it will help you to enhance your SEO techniques. It is really very helpful.


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    Please re-check your response #20475 above. I think you have forgotten to put the requisite tags to provide the direct link to whichever page you would like us to read.


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    Vandana, there's a pdf file that he's attached to his post. I guess he wanted to direct viewers to the attachment.

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    Yes, Amit sir is right. I am pointing towards the attachment to that forum response. There is no direct link required. I have uploaded the PDF file of the SEO guide. Just click and download it.

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    I am unable to view the pdf attachment of your response above. When I clicked on it, the message comes as "404 - File or directory not found."


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    I would like to share some tips indirectly related to SEO, namely what you should not do. I have learned these from my own learning experience of submitting articles at ISC.

    1. Avoid over-lengthy titles. I think ideally we should put a title of up to 7 words maximum.

    2. Do not put too many excessive keywords in the title. For example, let's say you are writing on XYZ smartphone. Do not write 'XYZ tech specs, features, price, review and where to buy'. Instead, you could put: Unique features of XYZ Android smartphone.

    3. Vary the title each time you write on the same type of product, such as for different smartphones.
    Example 1: Why you should buy the new XYZ smartphone

    Example 2: What makes PQR the best premium smartphone

    Example 3: Features and price of ABC in India

    Example 4: ABC vs PQR: a comparative review of features

    4. Similarly, avoid use of excessive keywords in the summary of your article. Keep it concise too, in about 3 sentences.

    5. As in the case of varying the title of different smartphones, so also you can vary the summary for each. Taking the same examples:
    Summary for Example 1: Looking for details of the features of the XYZ smartphone? This article provides the list of features of XYZ. You will also know its technical specifications.

    Summary for Example 2: Want to know why the PQR is a popular smartphone? This article provides an in-depth insight into the various unique features of the PQR which have made it a popular smartphone in the current market.

    Summary of Example 3: Want to buy ABC smartphone? Read this article first to know its distinctive features as also its cost in India.

    Summary of Example 4: Confused between choosing between ABC and PQR Android phones? In this article you can know the features and specifications of both to help you make a comparison and make your final choice.


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    Yes Vandana mam, I agree with your seo tips. One should not make use of excessive keywords in the title of an article. Thanks for sharing your experience in this thread.
    P.S. To Mehdi; The PDF file of SEO guide is not available for download. Please update the link.

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    @Vandana Ma'am,
    Try opening the file in another browser. There is surely something wrong with the attachments. I am not able to attach any file to the forum responses and someone is not able to open the attached file.


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    My suggestion is to 'Don't Follow SEO'. Just write articles that you can write without any reference material. For example, placement opportunities in your college, DIY stuffs etc. While writing about your own college your content will be genuine and much details can be covered. I have written many articles some are exclusively my own contents and some are referred articles. Let me share the difference between the two.

    Own article advantages:
    While writing your own articles you may notice that you will get contents for it easily. I hardly spend 15 minutes for my own article with length of 500+ words. I have seen the articles will get decent number of visitors for a long run. I don't bother about SEO or keywords while writing my own written articles. Without any optimization own written articles seems to performs well and ranked 1st (according to statcounter).

    Articles written by referring other contents:
    You won't always find topics for own articles. Google only shows the results of active website. So it mandates me update my website by writing articles then and there. Referred articles will be about newly launched gadgets or infos. My data (Statcounter, Google Analytics) shows own written articles always performs better. Even for referred articles I won't use any SEO optimization. I just want my articles to be natural, reading friendly and straight to the point. The performance of these articles were mixed.

    SEO always change
    Google or any reader who visits the website needs human friendly article. The webpage you visit should answer your question. I feel if we try to optimize the website we will miss the point what we are going to convey. My opinion is Google should worry about providing search results with informative website.

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for your new blog or website as it helps many of the search engine to search your website easily when anyone search on any of the search engine such as Google. This will increase views on your blog or website but if you didn't do it your blog will not get many views and would not be displayed on any search engines. My SEO tips are as follows:-

    1. Write quality content with a good grammar. This is one of the most important SEO tips, you should always write good quality content with proper grammar.

    2. Write what is trending at present. Always write on the topic which is currently very famous and is search by most of the people you can check this on Google Trend and write according to that.

    3. Make your website for a single category for example if you are making a blog on mobile specifications and features than post only content related to mobile phones don't post anything else on it.

    4. Make your blog or website good looking using attractive templates which are clean and makes the readers to read your post without any problem. Never using too much of things for making your blog look good because it might just slow down your website and readers would not be able to browse through the post quickly.

    These are the SEO tips used by me if you have any questions than feel free to ask.

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    Tips from my side would be too simpler. That's because I'm too new to the SEO world. My tips are-
    1. Select one topic for your blog or website. Stay on one subject. There can be other subjects - but choose one that is basic to your site.
    2. Make it a point to use of - in fact, better use of keywords. Avoid keyword spamming.
    3. Instead of using numbers in permalinks , pay attention to use words, texts etc. Remember using your keywords in the permalinks.
    4. Cross-linking your pages with each other is most important. Most of the content management systems do it automatically. If your system misses it, remember doing it manually.
    5. Improve page load times. No matter how great and exemplary your content may be, visitors will stay away from a site that has bad loading time. Remove whatever that makes your site load slower.
    6. Rename the images to suit your keywords.
    7. Keep updating your site as frequently as you can . Sites having dynamic content are ranked higher in Google rankings.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Given below are some of the SEO tips:

    • Make your website for a particular topic like for Games, Mobile phones and many other.
    • Try to link more and more internal pages of your site.
    • Make a simple website because it leads to load earlier than other websites.
    • Try to use keywords in your images.
    • Link to other websites only with the relevant content.
    • You must update your website frequently.
    • Check your website every day so as to solve every problem related to your website.
    • Try to name your websites with a unique and specific domain name.
    • You must write about the latest things on your websites as they are searched by many number of people.
    • Mention the keywords where they matter the most.

    These were some of the SEO tips by me.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Thanks Timmappa and Aman for sharing your SEO tips here.

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    High PR Backlinks: This is how I get Backlinks from some High PR like Pr 9 and 8.

    Create Page.
    Add Static HTML Frame To page
    Click on Welcome Tab and add you links with Keywords.

    Google Plus
    Go to Profile Section of Google Plus
    Click on About and add your links with keywords.

    Need Verified Account.
    Go to
    Add your website

    Upload any pic on flicrk
    Add you link in description or in comments

    Upload any pic on flicrk
    Add you link in description or in comments

    All above links are do follow and PR 9 and 8

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    Thanks Mukhtar for sharing your link building tips. I never thought about the flickr and imgur. I will try them out.

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    Adding backlinks on social media is really an innovative thinking. Though we are used to all the sites Mukhtar mentioned, it seldom crosses our mind that we can use them for successful backlinks.
    Thanks a lot Mukhtar for the tips.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    After the frequent Google updates in the past few years, several SEO techniques have been eradicated from the Google's database, which were used to rank a website. Now, Google pays more attention towards the content and not the SEO. So the first and foremost thing is - "Try to write good quality and unique content". From my experience in this blogging world, I have figured out some tips which may help newbies in their blogging journey.

    Follow these step by step guide on building a high quality blog (with white hat SEO):

    1. If you want to be a successful blogger, you must first figure out in which field you are good and could provide unique information to the readers. As an example, I am a hardcore gamer and I have a vast knowledge regarding this subject, whether it be best FPS shooters, Multiplayer tricks or the best value for money GPUs and CPUs, I know them all.

    2. Now that you have figured out your best field, always try to compose UNIQUE articles without taking any information from your competitor's website. This is the most important and yet difficult task to attain. It is not an easy task to write unique content, but if you somehow manages to do so, then you can see the instant results in Google search.
    As an example, I wrote a completely unique article here on Techulator - "Best SMPS to choose for your gaming PC". Now if you search anything related to this like - "Best SMPS for gaming PC", "Best SMPS gaming", "SMPS for gaming PC" or anything like that in Google search, you can see my post appearing in #1 position in 1st page.

    3. Now, instead of stretching this post further, I must say you should combine UNIQUE content with some basic SEO (as provided in above responses) to attain a good reputation in Google and thereby increase chances of your success online.

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    Good tips again Prashant. I really understand the importance of quality of your content rather than using a multitude of SEO techniques. In fact , usage of heavy dose of SEO can even cause your blog/website to be penalised.
    As it has always been said, Content Is The King. As long as the content of your blog is effective enough to attract a good amount of traffic, it is bound to bring it with a good revenue.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I would like to mention one of my trick which i don't know good or bad. I hope that expert like Tony will help me with this technique by sharing his guidelines.

    After I submit an article on my website. I open Google and perform a search with my article keyword by just adding . or

    For example : If i write article on Android Lollipop i perform Google search by just adding Android or Android

    I got thousands of blogs on blogger and Wordpress about same topic on which my article is written. Out of that thousands of blogs i comment on all of the blogs who have not enabled comment moderation. I comment on disabled comment moderation blogs and get instant backlinks from that blogs.

    Is it good or bad. Please share your thoughts. Specially Tony

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