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    Resources not reviewed today?

    It seems resources are not reviewed today as expected. I was expecting two of my submissions to be reviewed today. It did not happen. Can we get to know the exact reason?
    Please note that this is not a complaint against editors. I just want to know the reason for the delay.
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    Members should not necessarily expect their posts to be reviewed on a daily basis. As you are aware, editors are having their own professional work outside of Techulator. This may obviously come in the way of their editing work here, which is part-time work for them.

    We just need to be patient! All you need to do is prepare your articles and submit them regularly, not worrying too much if there is some delay in reviewing.


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    Even my 4 articles are not published yet. All of them are posted in January. Most of the time articles are reviewed on Saturday and Sunday. So be patient.

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    I am still waiting for my articles to be reviewed. Not that I am complaining, but am a bit impatient to get to know how do I fare...
    Live....and Let Live!

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    It is all about patience. I don't care about how much time will it take to get my articles approved as I know that whenever they are going to be reviewed and approved, I will get the same benefits because the credits given to an article are independent of time taken by the editors to review it.

    Also, in that time, members get a chance to review their articles by themselves and also update the information if necessary. So, just let them take their time and till then keep writing more articles as the joy of getting the articles approved at the same time is more than getting them approved one by one.


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