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    Adsense earnings on articles saved as draft

    I have a few doubts about articles saved in the draft format.
    I have noticed that the minute an article draft is created it begins showing adsense ads and infolink activity.
    Does that mean that articles even though in draft are available to search engines for crawling? The draft article is not visible on my profile if I log off. Yet, if the url is used to open the article, it does.
    Is it possible for an article that is still in draft to draw traffic? What about adsense and infolinks earnings – do clicks on these on a draft copy count?
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    Even I have had the question. Infolinks ads show up on my resources in drafts. Are they really visible to the visitors to my profile ?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Usually, the articles in the draft mode will not be discovered by anyone else including Google. So chances of getting any traffic to it is nil. However, if you move an existing article to draft mode, it may continue to fetch the traffic.

    In theory, they are not expected to get any traffic. Since such pages are not expected to be seen by anyone, we are not expecting to show any Ads there. However, we may not have paid enough attention to hide articles from those pages, which we may correct in future.

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