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    Health issues with blue tooth headsets

    Hello and thank you for letting me become a part of this.
    I was reading your research on the health issues that are a result of long term use of the blue tooth headsets.
    I was searching for information on this subject due to some serious health issues I developed about 18 months ago. I believe that the problems with my head are a direct result of the use of my blue tooth. I was first diagnosed with a Pseduor Tumor Cerebri after I started having severe head pain that led to blurred vision, memory loss, ear pain and pressure, and at some times loss of speech.
    After having to close my business due to these issues and continuous medical tests and different medications, I have found that the pain resumes when I wear the blue tooth for any period of time.
    I will be printing out your findings and would appreciate any further information that you may have on this subject.
    Also your forms of proof of your findings would be helpful as well.
    Thank you very much.
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    I think you are referring to the information provided in this article: Health hazards of using Bluetooth headsets.

    Note that the author has collected information from various online sources, as informed in a response on that article's page, wherein he clearly states "This was my personal research on this topic and informations are found from various online resources. Till now, I didn't go for a formal study about Bluetooth head set side effects.". The author thus has not done any formal personal research himself & hence has no concrete proofs of the findings. He is merely dispensing information based on what he has read on the Net. You would hence be advised to consult a medical specialist to check out your problem, get it diagnosed correctly & have it treated in the right way.


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    You cannot straightaway blame the bluetooth for the medical complications that you have been facing. Had it been the case, there are n number of people using them and it would have created catastrophe in the mobile world. There may be some isolated cases, but blame cannot entirely go on the Bluetooth alone. It could be something like one has some nervous problem and when he happens to listen to some huge noise, he gets disturbed beyond control. In this case you cannot blame the noise, it just triggers something that might be wrong with the person concerned. Better get checked for the exact reason for your health issues rather than putting the blame squarely on bluetooth.
    Live....and Let Live!

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