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    Article contest on SMPS (Power Supply Unit)

    Dear Techulators,
    Here's a new article contest for you to participate in! Write articles related to "SMPS (Power Supply) for computers" and get rewarded with a free Antec SMPS delivered to your doorstep in addition to the usual cash rewards from

    Rewards for participating in the SMPS contest:

    1. Every approved article will be paid cash rewards like we always do.
    2. You can associate your AdSense account and get AdSense earnings from all of your articles on this site.
    3. You can associate your Infolinks account and earn through Infolinks.
    4. You can use affiliate links in your articles submitted for this contest. (In normal cases, affiliate links are allowed only for specific accounts that choose not to take any other rewards. The links must be generated using our shortcut feature)
    5. The contest winner will be awarded an Antec VP500PC SMPS free of cost in addition to the cash rewards. There are no limits on how many articles you post.

    Here's what the Antec VP500PC PSU looks like:

    Rules to participate in this contest

    1. All articles submitted must be original and not copied from other resources.
    2. You must be subscribed to our YouTube Channel. Click here to subscribe if you haven't already.
    3. You must like Antec India's facebook page:
    4. Only fresh entries written for this contest will be eligible. Articles already posted on this website are not eligible.
    5. The SMPS award delivery is currently restricted to India only.

    Before you prepare an article, please submit your topics through a response below. This is not a mandatory requirement but sharing topics will avoid duplicate topics.

    Articles must be posted into relevant categories in the Articles section. After posting the article, please post a response below with the following details:

    1. A link to the article written.
    2. Your YouTube username.

    Last date for submission of articles: 28-Feb-2015

    Some sample topics to write articles on:

    - SMPS: The most important part of a computer!
    - How to select the best power supply unit for your computer?
    - What are the features modern SMPS offer?
    - What to look for in a SMPS?
    - How to select the power requirement of your PC and select the best SMPS.
    - Comparison between various SMPS.
    - Top 5 SMPS in the market.

    You may use your own topics in addition to the above as well.
  • #20292
    A comparison among the best SMPS in the market. I will be submitting an article on this topic.
    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #20311
    Hey Amit, can I write an article on best PSUs. Is it allowed to write about PSU instead of SMPS. Both are related products. Please let me know fast.

  • #20313
    Muddassir, PSU is a generic term used for devices that supply power to a PC. SMPS on the other hand is a technology that most PC PSUs use. By using the term SMPS in the contest, we intend to invite articles on the PSUs that power today's computers. What we don't need are articles on power supply units (adapters etc) used for laptops.

    Please go ahead and write on the best PSUs for PC. Looking forward to your entry!

  • #20325
    Here is the link to my entry -
    A Comparison Among The Best SMPS In The Market

    My Youtube user account is Juana Aman.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #20327
    Great start Juana, please mention your Youtube username as well that was used to Subscribe to our Youtube channel. This is one of the pre-requisites to enter the contest as mentioned in the original post. Thanks.

  • #20328
    I have forgotten my Youtube username, get logged in automatically. I need guidance on how to access my username. I think I've located it my username. Added the same to the post above.
    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #20379
    16 more days to go techies!! Start preparing your drafts...
    (EDIT: Added an Unboxing/Giveaway video to the original post)

  • #20383
    I am writing on 'How to choose best SMPS (power supply unit) for your computer'. I have subscribed to the video channel as well as watched the new unboxing video. Nice collection of videos. Impressed!

  • #20384
    I use my email id to sign into my YouTube account. Here is it:
    Please confirm the details. Thanks@


  • #20385
    Mehdi, a subscription to our YouTube channel without a channel name is unfortunately not reflected and not counted. Request you to name your YouTube channel and subscribe, in order to reflect in our records. Thanks!

    Looking forward to your article!

  • #20429
    Here is my entry for the contest: How to choose the best SMPS for your computer?

    Please review and update me if further requirements are yet to be fulfilled.


  • #20484
    Final 7 days to go!
    Request all writers to submit their entries as soon as possible.

  • #20490
    Mehdi, please list your YouTube username as well. Thanks!

  • #20491
    As said earlier, I use my email id,, to login to my youtube account. I don't know how to get the username of my youtube account.

  • #20492
    Mehdi, Your youtube username should be the same as used in the email id you use to log in. You can check your username by going here and clicking on 'My Channel' on the left side of the page. You should be able to see your user name.
    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #20495
    Mehdi Hassan is my username on YouTube. Is this what I was required to submit here?

  • #20496
    Yes, that should be it.
    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #20580
    Last day to submit all articles. Contest closes at 0000 hours IST tonight.

  • #20581
    Here is my another article for this contest: Top 3 SMPS manufacturing brands one can trust

    Please review.


  • #20583
    My Username is Prshnt0001

    And here is my contest entry:

  • #20584
    @ Amit, Are you sure the deadline was 00:00 hours? On Techulator and other sister sites the date switches over to the next day when that happens in the US, where the servers are. US being behind us in time the date change doesn't happen until hours later. Accordingly, the contest should close somewhere around 13:30 hours today, (that is 01st March) or thereabout, and not at midnight as per your update.

    @ Prashant, You have until after noon to submit your entry to the contest, as explained above. Hope you see this post and get to submit your article.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

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