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    Elated with all 3 resources approved!

    Though I may look like boasting, must say I am too elated on approval of all 3 resources submitted by me. In spite of having practically no experience blogging or writing articles for websites, I am glad TEC has been instrumental in helping me hone my skills in this field. And what makes me more happy is the fact that the latest resource of mine has been approved without being moved to pending list. Thanks TEC for helping me gain confidence during my tough times.
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    It is ok to take pride in achieving something & one need not consider it as boasting. Good to know you have achieved success in submitting articles. Once you have taken the first tentative steps, you do get the confidence to forge ahead. You then learn along the way as you begin submitting more articles. So don't rest on your laurels, but continue the learning process to fine tune not just writing skills but also how to present an article well to make it attractive to readers. It will induce them to read your other articles too.

    All the best in your onward journey of learning, writing and earning.


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    Thanks Madam for those great and kind words.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congrats buddy for achieving this level in techulator. It is the result of your patience and hard-work that you are among the top contributors of techulator. Carry on with this zeal and zest and you will soon be at the top of all.


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    Those are really motivating words, Mehdi Bro . It has been because of this sort of push we receive from people like you that we can achieve something big. And I am quite impressed with the way you just try to help any member.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    It is not being boastful, it is just self pride – and it is a good thing. We must take pride in our achievements as recognition for all the effort and hard work that we put in. Such acts build confidence and push us to towards newer goals.
    Congratulations on your success. Well done. Putting your story here will encourage more people to start writing.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

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    Congratulations Timmappa bro for your achievement. One thing I have noticed is that, you are a regular contributor in every section of techulator from the start. Keep it up.

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    Well, Muddassir Bro , I have always made it a point to contribute in all possible way in as many sections as would be possible for me. That would help me keep track of each everything that happens in the site, besides being able to get used to the contributions as well as getting to know the contributors .
    Live....and Let Live!

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