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    SBI core banking account no. for tec invoice

    I want to know what is the core banking number of SBI.
    In my passbook I can see :
    Cif Number :11 digits.
    Account No. :11 digits.
    There is no core account number in my passbook.
    So, can I use my account No. in the place of core account number on my invoice to receive payment from techulator.
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    The 11 digit account number itself should constitute the core banking number, I guess. SBI does not follow the system other banks follow in assigning account numbers. Most banks use their IFSC number in the beginning. Wait for confirmation from experts. CIF number is your customer ID with the bank.
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    Yes, i confirmed. It is your account number itself.
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    So, it means I can use my account number on the place of core number in my invoice.

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    Yes. Core bank account number is the real name of your 11 digit account number. You can definitely use that account to get the money transferred but you will also have to provide the branch code of your bank.

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    Mehdi bro, from where do I need to provide Branch Code.
    In Invoice ?
    Is there any column for Branch Code in Invoice ?

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    You can create a column by yourself. There is no problem with that. This code is to ensure successful transfer of the money to your bank account.

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    You just need to provide IFSC code in the invoice where it is asked. No need to provide branch code.

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    IFSC code itself is, in fact, branch code. You will need to provide your account number and IFSC code.
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    IFSC and branch code are the two names for a same thing. I used branch code as the passbook given to you mentions it as the branch code and not the IFSC code.

  • #20270
    I could not find any option to enter IFSC code on the sample invoice.
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    You can add the column by yourself. And as per Ankit sir, you have to provide such a code whenever asked. So fill the invoice as per the requirement given and get your payment transferred.

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